You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

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Investors Flock to Twitter, Like Facebook, as Year Draws to a Close

It seems Wall Street has determined that social media actually is here to stay, and that Facebook and Twitter really are the only games in town.

Lookout Warns App That Pays for Unused Text Messages Is a Big-Time Security Threat

The app, called Bazuc, proposes that users allow them to send text messages from their plan. In exchange, it offers to pay users a tenth of a penny for each message sent.

Cyanogen Raises Another $23 Million From Tencent and Andreessen Horowitz to Help Fund a More Open Android

The company expects to hire about 70 more people in the next several months to boost its engineering and design ranks.

Google Pulls Privacy Feature it Says Wasn’t Supposed to Be in Android in First Place

Google maintains that the unsupported feature can cause apps to crash.

Why Nokia Is Building an Android Phone and Why Microsoft Might Not Kill It

Sources confirm that Nokia’s effort to co-opt Android for its low-end smartphone business has endured and could even survive beyond the company’s acquisition by Microsoft.

What Might It Look Like if Siri Drove a Car? Meet Steeri. (Video)

A new parody video introduces Steeri, a humorous look at what might happen if the iPhone’s virtual assistant were given the keys to a car.

Motorola Hits Redial After Website Glitches Hang Up $349 Moto X Cyber Monday Deal

The company now says it will offer twice as many devices at the sale price, with the offer due to be made available on Wednesday at noon ET, and again next Monday.

China’s Kingsoft Raises $50 Million, Opens Palo Alto Office in Effort to Crack U.S. Market

The company offers free Microsoft Office-compatible document-editing software for PCs and mobile devices.
Kingsoft office-free-for-android

Motorola Taps 3D Systems to Help Make “Project Ara” Customizable Phone a Reality

A phone whose individual modules can be replaced sounds appealing, but it still needs to win support from component makers, carriers and regulators — not to mention consumers.

News Byte

Motorola: KitKat Coming to Moto X on Verizon Today, Others Soon

Google’s Motorola unit said Tuesday that the KitKat version of Android is being made available for Moto X phones running on Verizon’s network, with other carriers and countries coming soon. “Our software strategy is to build on a pure Android foundation and complement existing Google services, not compete with them,” it said in a blog post.

Moto X Price Drops to $99 as Moto Maker Customization Comes to All Major Carriers

With 190,000 Smartwatches Sold, Pebble Boosts iPhone Support

Motorola Teases Moto G Launch for November 13

Android Co-Founder Rich Miner on How He Is Spending Google’s Money

Spanish Startup Offers a Low-End Take on High-Tech Glasses

Quixey Lands Another $50 Million, Led by Alibaba, to Push Beyond App Discovery

AT&T Begins Spreading Its Gigabit Fiber in Austin, Taking On Google

Intel, Microsoft Also Eyeing Wearable Device Market

Evernote Looks to Pen and Paper to Expand Its Digital Products

Motorola Keeps Those “Lazy Phone” Ads Coming

When It Comes to Sturdiness, SquareTrade Says Moto X Tops Both New iPhone Models

Google Moving On as Nexus 4 Sells Out in U.S.