You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

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Oh, the Places Your Phone Will Find

Field Trip, made by a division of Google, sends you, by way of pop-up cards, short blurbs about unique, sometimes-hidden locations as you pass them.
Field Trip by Google

Moto X Stands Out in Sea of Phone Sameness

New $200 smartphone from Google-owned Motorola Mobility aims to use personalization of color and inscriptions as one of its key components.

Google’s New Nexus 7: The Budget Tablet to Beat

Small but mighty, the revamped device has an impressively sharp screen. But battery life disappoints.

Revamped Google Maps App Aims to Give Users More Content

Google overhauled its Maps app so it focuses more on what you want to do, like Eat, Drink, Shop, Play and Sleep.

Two Ways to Hit “Print” on a Mobile Device

Presto and ThinPrint Cloud Printer make on-the-go print jobs from smartphones and tablets as easy as printing from a PC.

A Tablet Good for Living Room, Bag and Water

Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z’s stylish overall design, screen, fast performance, good camera and noticeably high sound quality make it easy to love, says Katie. Plus, it can run underwater.

KatieCam: Motorola Mobility’s Dennis Woodside Loves Triathlons

Another sort of “mobility.”

KatieCam: Motorola’s Regina Dugan on Dancing and Cooking (Video)

All the ingredients for a compelling evening.

A PC and Tablet “Brick” for the Price of One

The Asus Transformer AiO offers dual software and hardware systems, but they don’t offset a weighty downside.
Asus Transformer AiO

Online Entertainment That’s for the Taking

Deals on books, movies, music and more are available on most days, you just need to know where to look.

From QWERTY to Quirky: New Ways to Type

What You Don’t Know About Sharing Photos

Nook HD’s Screen Dazzles, but Quirks Detract

A Cloud-Based Laptop That’s as Light as One

Ten Ways to Make Your Android Smarter

E-Invites to the Social Network Events of 2012

In Tablets, Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Bing Goes Sleek and More Social

Is Browsing a Catalog More Fun on a Tablet?

App Makes Readers’ Thoughts an Open Book

Picking the Brightest, Most Efficient Bulb

In Your Hands, Just What You Want to Read

Galaxy Nexus: An In-Your-Face Android Phone

Hidden Tools Find What You Want On YouTube

Google Mobile App Aims To Turn Phones Into Wallets