You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

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Music-Discovery Service ExFM Pulls the Plug

A startup that had buzz four years ago says that it’s going dark, more or less, next month.
cloud music

Amazon Really, Really Wants to Sell More Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

So it will finance your purchase, interest-free.
amazon kindle fire installment plan

Meet the Robot Mule Google Is Now Making for the Marines

You thought self-driving cars were cool or alarming? We have videos for you.
LS3 Robot Mule

Spotify’s Daniel Ek on Competition, Controversy and Crossing Over Into the Mainstream

“We’ve proved that you can actually make this a business,” says the streaming music service’s CEO. Next step: Making it a really big business, while fighting off new competition.
(Photo by Jason DeCrow/Spotify)

Web Video Startup Ooyala Raises $43 Million

A big Web video player you haven’t heard of gets a big funding round, all of it from an Australian telco.

Google Makes Its Own Social Ads, With a Twist

On Twitter and Facebook, marketers can turn “native” content into ads. Google is trying the same thing — with one big difference — with Google+.

Like This if You Like Pandas! Facebook Says Publishers Shouldn’t Fret About News Feed Changes.

The guy who runs Facebook’s most valuable real estate explains why the company just changed its rules.

Google Ventures Bets on Mobile Ad Startup YieldMo

Serial entrepreneur Michael Yavonditte’s latest venture gets a vote of confidence, and a check, from a company that knows something about ads.

Beats Music Targeting January Launch

Another music subscription service that was supposed to arrive this year is being pushed back. But Jimmy Iovine’s project is still supposed to show up soon.

YouTube’s Music Subscription Service Won’t Show Up This Year

Why Your Cable Bill Won’t Get Smaller When Big TV Gets Bigger

The Story of This Viral Video Will Blow Your Mind! (Please Tell Your Friends!)

Twitter’s TV Guide Experiment Gets a Little Closer to Prime Time

The Idiot’s Guide to Valuing Snapchat

Yahoo Video Head Erin McPherson Heads for Maker Studios, the Giant YouTube Network

Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet

Is YouTube Too Big to Have a Really Big Show?

Today’s Giant Media Event, Brought to You — And Owned — By Google