You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

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Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews

Walt Mossberg on the dozen personal-technology products that were the most influential over two decades of reviews.

Dell Tablets at Bargain Prices

The Dell Venue 7 is a heck of a buy for a brand-name Android tablet, says Walt Mossberg, but if you can spare more money, you’ll get a better experience in a more expensive small tablet.

Smartphone With Wi-Fi Smarts

Republic Wireless is offering a clever, modern service on a good smartphone, and is showing that Wi-Fi calls can be as good as cellular ones.
Republic Wireless

Is a Nexus Phone Running on KitKat Any Sweeter?

Google’s new Nexus 5 has some big advantages over its predecessor, but also a big minus.

A New Touch for iPhone

Reliable fingerprint technology and a major system overhaul make the iPhone 5s the leader of the smartphone pack.

Jitterbug Touch 2: Simple Touch at a Sluggish Speed

The Jitterbug Touch 2 offers seniors and smartphone novices a simplified Android interface, but it’s too bad that the phone performs poorly.

The Many Internet-Video Options for TVs

Walt sorts through the numerous ways to watch online video on TVs.

Using Google Chromecast

Walt answers readers’ questions on Google Chromecast.

Motorola Mobility’s Moto X Offers Customized Colors and More

Motorola’s Moto X adjusts to meetings and moving cars, and its camera is always ready.

Review of Google’s New Chromecast

Walt puts Google’s Chromecast device, a rival to Apple TV, to the test.

Windows Version of Quicken on the Mac

Galaxy S 4 Is a Good, but Not a Great, Step Up

Facebook Gets a Hold on Phones

Letting Go of Gmail

How Apple Gets All the Good Apps

Can a Touchscreen Replace a Mouse?

2013: Talk Gets Cheaper, TV Gets Smarter

A Maps of the World

Google Maps for iPhone Returns Better Than Ever

How to Do Spreadsheets on a Tablet

Nexus 4 Is a Great Value With Small Improvements

Google Moves Ahead in Fight to Dominate the Map Apps

An iOS App for Google Maps and YouTube?

The iPhone Takes to the Big Screen

A Laptop for Light Work