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AOL’s Huffington Post Adds Ecofabulous Content

AOL-owned Huffington Post is adding a large amount of environmental-focused content from Ecofabulous, and making its founder, Zem Joaquin, an editor at large of home and lifestyle. In a nonexclusive licensing and revenue-sharing deal, the dedicated Ecofabulous page said that the online content site “will host original product reviews and recommendations featuring environmentally conscious beauty, fashion, home, kids, tech, and lifestyle items; provide resources for readers aiming to live a green life; profile environmentally-pioneering companies; and serve as a place to inspire readers seeking the recommendations of expert editors and designers.”

Apple Plans a Reno Solar Farm to Power Its Data Center

Going green, one data center at a time.

Apple’s Environmental Goal: “Green the Grid” Where It Operates

Last year, Apple promised that its North Carolina and California data centers would be coal-free as of February 2013. Today, they are.


San Francisco Officials Plan to Block Apple Procurement

San Francisco city officials say they are moving to block purchases of Apple desktops and laptops, by all municipal agencies, after the company removed a green electronics certification from its products.


Apple Removes Green Electronics Certification From Products

Apple has pulled its products off the U.S. government-backed registration of environmentally friendly electronics.

Apple Grabs Yahoo Exec in Charge of Shine, Women’s Lifestyles and Health Content

Yahoo loses Jessica Jensen, who was in charge of its critical women’s audience.

Honest: Jessica Alba’s Now an E-Commerce Geek (Video)

Can a Hollywood star sell online consumers on a healthier lifestyle for them and their kids?

Yahoo Focuses on Tentpole Events With New Head

At least one thing in yesterday’s lackluster first-quarter earnings report for Yahoo that got its Microsoft-search-bashing CEO Carol Bartz excited was the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s traffic gusher for big tentpole events such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars. There will be more of that, it seems, with the elevation of Yahoo exec Sam Silverstein as head of its special events coverage. Sources said it will be a major area of emphasis, given obvious advertiser interest.

Sprint Hopes To Find Green with Eco-Friendly Android Device

Sprint is scaling its environmental effort up to the smartphone market, introducing its first “green” Android device, the Replenish. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was in San Francisco on Friday to talk about the new phone and the company’s broader environmental efforts.

News Byte

Announcing Google WindSense

Google has announced plans to invest in the Atlantic Wind Connection, a project that will connect 6,000 megawatts of offshore wind turbines to the Mid-Atlantic power grid. In the blog post announcing the initiative, Rick Needham, Google’s green-business operations director, described it as a “superhighway for clean energy.” According to the Washington Post, the tech giant is part of a consortium of tech and investment firms involved in the project, the first phase of which is valued at $1.8 billion.

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Dell Green, All Right–Green With Envy

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