Malware Attacks by Syrian Pro-Government Hackers Are on the Rise

The Syrian Electronic Army isn’t the only pro-Assad group using hacking attacks.

Target Says PIN Numbers Among Data Stolen in Breach

They were still encrypted, the store says.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin on Turning Loyal Users Into Paying Customers

In the second part of a Q&A, the company’s founder also talks about its security breach earlier this year, plans for an IPO and new data centers, and why good problems are worse than bad problems.

Talk of an RSA Boycott Grows After Reports It Colluded With the NSA

A well-known security researcher says he won’t speak at next year’s RSA conference after reports allege that the company worked with the NSA to allow back doors into encryption products.

The Washington Post Is Hacked Again, and Again China Is Suspected

It’s the third time in as many years the paper’s systems have been breached.

Chinese Hackers Used Fake Syrian News and Carla Bruni Pics to Attack Foreign Embassies

Another reason to be careful what you click.

Siri Gets Serious, Microsoft Gets Its Mojo Back and Everything Gets Encrypted in 2014

Annual predictions for the year ahead in tech from analyst Mark Anderson.

A New Worm Proves That the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack

Not worried about your Internet-connected toaster? Okay, how about your security camera?

How Too Many SMS Messages Can Shut Down Your Nexus Phone

A special kind of text message sent in large numbers amounts to a denial-of-service attack on Google Nexus phones.

Apple’s Safari Made Up Most Mobile Browser Traffic in Q2

Safari wins, but not in all cases.

Why the NSA Hates Tor, the Network That Protects Internet Anonymity

Adobe Discloses Security Breach Affecting Nearly Three Million Customers

Seven Questions About Security for Kleiner Perkins’ Ted Schlein

LinkedIn Calls Email Hacking Charges False

CrowdStrike Lands $30 Million Series B Led by Accel Partners

How the Attack on NY Times and Twitter Domains Could Have Been Worse

Syrian Electronic Army Says Attack on New York Times Is Over

New York Times Goes Down Again, and This Time Hackers Are to Blame

China Is Not Investigating IBM, Oracle and EMC, Even as Tensions Increase

China Wants to Investigate IBM, Oracle and EMC for Security Concerns (Update)

New York Times Website Is Down, Hackers Not Involved (And It’s Back Up)

Juniper Study Finds Mobile Malware Grew 600 Percent, Targets Android Most

Coming to Wall Street This Month: Quantum Dawn 2 — Cyberwar!

Most Businesses Probably Had a Mobile Security Incident in the Past Year