Chromecast Adds Hulu to Its Modest App Collection

Google launched its Web TV device with four apps. Two months later, it adds another one.

You Might Be Able to Pay for HBO Without Paying for Cable. But You’re Still Going to Pay the Cable Guy.

You can’t call it cord-cutting. Maybe cord-cutting light?
Jeff Bewkes


If I Could Have Just One Functionality From My Streaming Video Services, This Would Be It …

Downloading is dying, “streaming won,” and yet we are in a no-man’s-land of not always being connected.

Apple TV Gets a Bit Bigger, With HBO and ESPN Apps (For Most, but Not All of You)

Some exceptions apply, of course, because nothing is ever easy when it comes to the Web and TV.

Apple Adds iTunes Radio to Apple TV, but Not Much Else

A question without a good answer: Why doesn’t Apple open up Apple TV to outside developers?

Why Microsoft’s Xbox One Won’t Kick the Cable Guy Out of Your House

Microsoft’s new box does lots of cool stuff. But when it comes to TV, it’s still an accessory.

Netflix Still Eats a Third of the Web Every Night; Amazon, HBO and Hulu Trail Behind

Everyone’s watching more video, on every device, everywhere. But no one is really cutting into Reed Hastings’s lead.

Sorry, Cord-Cutters! Still No “Game of Thrones” for You.

That thing we sorta said last month? Just kidding!
Game of Thrones cut

Whose HBO Go Account Do You Use?

College roommate’s boyfriend’s dad. (he knows)

No. 18 on a list of 32 answers to an informal survey of whose HBO Go accounts people in the BuzzFeed office use