The Andy Griffiths Show: Blu-Ray R.I.P.

Blu-ray will be obsolete in five years. That’s not exactly the endorsement the consumer electronics industry needs as it heads into the holiday shopping season. But it’s the one Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK, has given. In an interview with Pocket-lint, Griffiths said longevity isn’t one of Blu-ray’s strong suits.

Sony's $400 Million Hit Man

The next-generation DVD format war was a costly one–for Sony (SNE). In addition to the untold funds the company spent on pro-Blu-ray propaganda, it also reportedly spent quite a bit to buy the allegiances of Hollywood. The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that Sony paid Warner Bros. as much as $400 million to throw its […]

Sharper Image Agonistes

Shocker! Amazon Drops HD DVD in Favor of Blu-ray

Amazon (AMZN) is so far ahead of the curve it’s actually behind it. Today, the online retailer declared its support for Sony’s Blu-ray DVD format–nearly a full 24 hours after Toshiba (6502.TO) officially discontinued its rival HD DVD. “The high-definition landscape is rapidly changing, and consumers are looking for guidance on how to make the […]

This Is an Ex-DVD Format

HD DVD: Will It Blend?

The next generation DVD format war has become a format funeral. Toshiba (6502.TO) said today it is pulling out of the HD DVD business. The company will cease production of its HD DVD players and recorders immediately and shutter the business entirely by the end of March. “This was a very difficult decision to make […]

It's Fun to Sue With the DMCA

Investors: We Come Not to Bury HD DVD, but to Celebrate Over Its Lifeless Body

The markets are having their say about Toshiba’s rumored withdrawal from the next generation DVD format war and their message is clear: Get on with it, already. Shares in Toshiba (6502.TO) moved sharply higher in early trading today as investors welcomed reports that the HD DVD champion is itself planning on abandoning the format and […]

Yahooian Rhapsody

Bring Out Yer HD DVDead

By June, Wal-Mart will only be carrying Blu-ray movies and hardware machines and, of course, standard-def movies, DVD players, and up-convert players.” —Susan Chronister of Wal-Mart sticks a fork in HD DVD. HD DVD may soon join Betamax in the consumer electronics industry’s Museum of Failed Formats. Though publicly HD DVD champion Toshiba professes its […]

Kill the Yahoo, Kill the Yahoo!

Yahoo to Microsoft: Show Us the Money

Cisco's Big Switch

Post Traumatic CES Syndrome

Mistah HD DVD–He Dead …