Sony Plans a 4K Fest for CES

The company is focusing on the next generation of high-def video as part of its effort to reclaim lost ground at the high end of the consumer electronics market.
Sony 4K-feature

Here’s How the Oculus Rift Will Work on Mobile

“We’re about mobile gaming hardware. We don’t want to play [casual] mobile games in VR.” Or do they?

News Byte

Google’s Hangouts to Go High-Def

File this under “pretty cool”: Google announced Wednesday that it plans to bring high-definition quality to its Hangouts video chat product. The company first plans to introduce HD to its live “On Air” Hangouts, while rolling HD out to the public at large in the coming weeks. Caveat, from Google+ engineering honcho Chee Chew: “HD hangouts require an HD-capable webcam, more bandwidth and more processing power than standard definition.”

Nokia Lumia 1020 Nudges Smartphone Cameras to the Next Level

The Lumia 1020 smartphone is great for photo nerds. Now, about the actual phone …

AllThingsD’s Week in Review: The Chromecast’s Enemies and AT&T’s Record Android Sales

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Talking TVs With an Imaginary Consumer at CES

Time to run out and buy a new 4K TV? Read this, and count to 10 first.

Walmart’s Cloud Movie Service Shapes Up

“Disc to digital” didn’t make much sense last year, but the retailer is making some key improvements.

The Droid DNA: It’s Not a Phablet, It’s a Smartphone

The “ultimate Droid.”

Sizing Up the New iPad Mini

Sized right for people who want a little one-handed tablet time, but still a bit wide for a pocket.

Amazon Says Kindle Withstood iPad Mini Assault

Kindle Fire HD sales spiked following the announcement of the iPad mini on Tuesday.

Touchscreen vs. Keyboard, the Sequel

MacBook Pro Refresh This Week?

Windows Phone 7: It’s Now or Never

Apple TV Tuned to Improve Reception