Plantronics Says It Can Be a Wearable Computing Company, Too

Interested in wearables? Do let it go to your head, the company’s CTO says.

Woojer Wants to Be Both a Gadget for Gamers and a Helpful Oomph for the Hearing Impaired

SanDisk founder and Woojer investor Eli Harari says the device could be a trojan horse for good — if it gets funded on Kickstarter.
Woojer with Phone Image

HTC Sheds Remaining Beats Stake as Carlyle Group Invests in the Audio Company

The troubled Taiwanese phone maker will get a reported $265 million for its remaining 25 percent stake in Beats.
htc one vz


Beats By Dre Looks to Drop HTC

The maker of the popular Beats by Dr. Dre headphones is looking to buy out its Asian partner and bring in a new investor that can provide it with fresh funds for growth, people familiar with the matter said.

With Beats, Jimmy Iovine — Not Facebook — Will Tell You What Music You Want

Curators, not your friends, know music better, according to the iconic music producer.

Beats Electronics Grows Up With Executive Headphones

Beats Electronics looks to expand its user base with a pair of new noise-canceling headphones.
Beats Executive Headphones


Ten Lessons I Learned in My First Start-Up Job out of College

I’ve survived 12 months working at my first start-up job — and wow, what a learning experience it’s been.

And Eazy-E Invented the iPod

Wonder how long it’ll be before I meet a kid who thinks Dr. Dre is “that guy that invented headphones”

Matt Haughey, via Twitter


Skullcandy IPO? Check Your Head.

If anyone needs proof the tech sector has entered extra-frothy, double-latte territory, it’s best to look past the immense valuations discussed for Groupon or Facebook.

Exploring iStuff at CES With Mobilized (Video)

Apple may not have been in Vegas, but its legions of followers were. The maker of the Mac and iPhone prefers having the stage to itself, but an entire section of CES was devoted to iStuff. Mobilized toured the show floor and has a video report.

D7 Video: Greg Harper of Gadgetoff