Woojer Wants to Be Both a Gadget for Gamers and a Helpful Oomph for the Hearing Impaired

SanDisk founder and Woojer investor Eli Harari says the device could be a trojan horse for good — if it gets funded on Kickstarter.
Woojer with Phone Image

Apple Says It Abides by Tax Laws, Loopholes and All

“We pay all the taxes we owe. Every single dollar,” says Tim Cook.

Judge’s Hearing Schedule Offends Apple’s Sense of Symmetry

And on it goes.

Yahoo Officially in Settlement Talks With Facebook Over Patent Case (Like ATD Said)

But our dear readers knew that already!


AT&T Says Its Merger Withdrawal Beat Out FCC to Hearing Vote

AT&T Inc. said it withdrew its application with the Federal Communications Commission for approval of its planned T-Mobile USA takeover before commissioners had the opportunity to vote on a proposal to send the merger to a hearing for approval.


FCC Chief to Seek Hearing on AT&T Deal

The head of the Federal Communications Commission will seek an administrative hearing on AT&T Inc.’s proposed $39 billion deal to acquire T-Mobile USA, according to a person close to the matter.


House Members Voice Piracy-Bill Support

Many lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee expressed support Wednesday for new legislation aimed at cutting off funding to foreign websites offering pirated movies or counterfeit goods, despite opposition from Silicon Valley companies.

Google Calls Justice Department Second Request on Motorola Deal “Pretty Routine” (If Four Percent Is Routine)

The acquisitive search giant plays the odds again in Washington, D.C., with handset purchase.

Hey, That Guy Has Our Prototype GoogleGlasses!

Caption contest!
Eric Schmidt (L) with Alan Davidson and an unidentified mime

Schmidt: Google Dominant? Heck, We’re Just One Slip Away From Oblivion!

Sure we’ve got 64.8 percent of the U.S. search market, but competition is just a click away.

EU Hearing on Oracle-Sun Set for Dec. 10

Court Kills Preposterous Pirate Beatles Site