Lenovo’s Bendy Yoga 2 Laptop Makes All the Right Moves

Last year’s flip-friendly Yoga felt like a PC gimmick. This time around, the Yoga 2 has gone legit.
The Yoga 2 in "tent" mode.

Here’s How the Oculus Rift Will Work on Mobile

“We’re about mobile gaming hardware. We don’t want to play [casual] mobile games in VR.” Or do they?

Have $9K to Spare? Samsung’s Curved OLED, Multi-View TV Is Here.

Samsung’s new TV lets you watch — and hear — two different programs on the same screen.

Talking TVs With an Imaginary Consumer at CES

Time to run out and buy a new 4K TV? Read this, and count to 10 first.

Viral Video: “To the Arctic”


The iPhone Finds Its Voice

The iPhone 4S is one of Apple’s less dramatic updates, but, when combined with the Siri, iOS 5 and iCloud features, it presents an attractive new offering to smartphone users, writes Walt.

High-Definition Streaming

Walt answers a reader’s question on set-top boxes streaming movies in high definition.


Cisco Drops Price of Home Video-Calling System

Cisco Systems has cut the price of its umi video-calling system for consumers, a flashy offering released in October to great fanfare–and widespread criticism about how much it cost. The network-equipment giant on Monday said it is reducing the price of the existing umi system to $499 from $599, and introduced a $399 version with reduced high-definition resolution that requires a slower Internet connection.


Trade Show Chief Touts Many Gadgets, But Not 3D TV

Gary Shapiro promises more cool stuff than ever at the giant Consumer Electronics Show in early January. But the trade group leader sounds less than enthusiastic about one of the most talked-about topics, 3D television.


Vast Majority of TV Viewing Still in Standard Definition

Do you watch most of your television in HD, or standard definition? Even though 56 percent of U.S. households have high-def, more than 80 percent of television viewing is still done in standard definition, according to a report this week by Nielsen.

iPad TV?

CES: Steve Ballmer Keynote