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“Vikings” Land on Amazon’s Lovefilm in U.K., Germany

Amazon is exporting “Vikings,” the hit drama from A&E’s History cable network, to Europe, via its Lovefilm movie service. The axes-and-helmets drama, which started airing in the U.S. this year, will stream exclusively on Amazon’s Lovefilm Instant service later this month, bypassing cable and other outlets.

EMC Donates Big Storage to a Library Like No Other, the Vatican’s

Something new for something very old.

And Eazy-E Invented the iPod

Wonder how long it’ll be before I meet a kid who thinks Dr. Dre is “that guy that invented headphones”

Matt Haughey, via Twitter

And Facebook Was a Bar

236 years ago, Twitter was a dude yelling in a town square, Linkedin was just your last name, and you played FarmVille to survive.

Aaron Levie, via Twitter

Timehop’s Next Stop Could Be Your Calendar

Timehop taps into your social networks to remind you what you did a year ago today. But the start-up is starting to look beyond social.

Employees Already Crowdsourcing a Myspace History

Apparently, there is no time lag anymore when it comes to telling the stories of epic fail on the Internet. I got an email this afternoon from an anonymous Myspace employee who wrote about an interesting group writing effort on Google Docs called “Real Myspace Stories.”

Everyone, Please Tweet About New Book About the Egypt Revolution's Tweets

That was fast. Which is probably apt, given the subject matter of a book coming out soon made up of real-time Twitter from Cairo’s Tahrir Square. “Tweets from Tahrir,” which is being published by Or Books on April 21, says it is chronicling “an entirely new way of telling history.”

Netflix Gets Social: "Extensive" Facebook Integration Is Coming

Netflix revealed it is in the process of implementing “an extensive Facebook integration” on Wednesday, marking a significant change from its previous absence from the social Web.

"The Social Network" Can Now Call Self "Oscar-Nominated"

“The Social Network,” the movie based on the story of the founding of Facebook, was nominated for eight Academy Awards this morning.

Microsoft talks ARM at CES

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky took to the stage Wednesday to announce Microsoft’s efforts to broaden the types of chips on which the flagship operating system will run.

Palm, Qualcomm Chiefs Weigh Wireless Future

Live from Facebook's Email Messages Launch

The Akamai Presidency? [UPDATED]