Media Device Stores and Shares Well With Others

SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Media Device may relieve some of your devices’ storage burden and could serve as a media-sharing godsend on a long car trip.

Device Nags You to Sit Up Straight

The LumoBack sensor straps around your lower waist to track your posture and vibrates whenever you slouch.

Moto X Stands Out in Sea of Phone Sameness

New $200 smartphone from Google-owned Motorola Mobility aims to use personalization of color and inscriptions as one of its key components.

Google’s New Nexus 7: The Budget Tablet to Beat

Small but mighty, the revamped device has an impressively sharp screen. But battery life disappoints.

A Tablet Good for Living Room, Bag and Water

Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z’s stylish overall design, screen, fast performance, good camera and noticeably high sound quality make it easy to love, says Katie. Plus, it can run underwater.

The BlackBerry of BlackBerry Users’ Dreams

New Q10 has a smart keyboard, fast browser and impressive camera features that may keep fans loyal.

HTC Makes the One the Android to Beat

New phone has sharp display, ultrapixel camera and features such as special video clips and news feed.

Hassle-Free Photo Books in One Couch Sitting

KeepShot App simplifies creating physical albums with an iPad on your lap, even in a cramped plane seat.

Raising the Bar for Better TV Sound

The Sonos Playbar is a one-piece speaker system that aims to bring high-quality sound to a TV without a complicated setup.

Pen and Paper Find a Place in the Digital World

The Targus iNotebook, which digitizes and syncs handwritten words written on regular paper with the iPad, is more satisfying to use than writing on a glass tablet screen with a stylus.
Targus iNotebook

Flip, Slide and Touch: New Machines for a New OS