Apple Bought a Ton of AAPL Last Quarter

“Apple’s greatest acquisition ever.”

Plenty of Room Left Yet for Smartphone Growth

“Everybody has got a smartphone.” Really?

Apple Still Has a Giant Advantage in Digital Music, With 75 Percent of the Market

Spotify, Deezer and Amazon aren’t even close. Which doesn’t mean they’re not a long-term problem for Tim Cook.

iTunes Makes Big Bucks for a “Break-Even” Business

Maybe it’s time to upgrade that stool analogy.

iTunes Not Exactly Break-Even Anymore

Since folding its software offerings into iTunes, Apple’s operating margin on the iTunes business has changed. Dramatically.

The Whole Product

Apple and Samsung tower over the fortunes for software-only Microsoft or service-oriented Google and Amazon. Although all companies are growing, the value, as defined by the buyer, resides in the whole product.

— From Horace Dediu, writing about hardware and the “value chain evolution” in the tech industry

Working Out

“Google buys Motorola for its patents.” How is that working out?

Horace Dediu, via Twitter

Nokia Halves Price of Lumia 900 “Hero Phone”

Nokia slashes the price of the Lumia 900, just three months after its release.

Apple Is Going to Spend a Lot of Money on … Something

Billions! On iCloud, maybe. Or solar farms. Or much less sexy but important things. Like, you know, factories and stuff.

R&D Spending: Nokia Vs. Apple Shows Size Doesn't Matter

Some additional perspective on Nokia’s massive mobile R&D spend and a point of comparison for its market return. Extrapolating from Bernstein Research data that estimates Nokia spent $3.9 billion on mobile research and development, Asymco’s Horace Dediu has calculated Apple’s mobile R&D spend, and there’s an astonishingly wide gulf between the two.