Microsoft Investigating What’s Keeping Customers From Getting Email

Some customers are having trouble accessing Microsoft’s Web-based email system.

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Hotmail Takes a Dirt Nap

Hotmail, the Web-based email service Microsoft acquired in 1997 for $500 million — its largest acquisition at the time — is no more. Microsoft said Thursday that it has finished its Hotmail to transition, a massive undertaking that required migrating hundreds of millions of Hotmail accounts and some 150 petabytes of email data to, its much-improved “modern” email service. With that hard work finished, the number of active accounts has surpassed 400 million, and Hotmail — one of the very first services to offer free Web-based email — is gone, though user Hotmail addresses live on, if their owners so choose.

Microsoft’s New Email Service Having Some Hiccups

Users of the Hotmail replacement say they have been encountering error messages since earlier this evening.


The Next Step for Computing: The Storage Fabric

The storage fabric consists of the ability to access data nearly anywhere at any time, as well as a superstructure of hardware, software and services to deliver and manage it.


Life and Death Online: Who Controls a Digital Legacy?

Alison Atkins’ family wanted access to her digital remains.

Yahoo Updates Mail, Adding Native iPhone and Windows 8 Apps (Like We Said)

A new look for a flagship property.

Along With New Homepage, Yahoo Also Set to Launch a “Gmail-Like” Email Reboot to Slow Gmail Gains

Signed, sealed, about to be delivered.

Is Hotmail Hotter Now That It’s

Microsoft is giving its 16-year-old Web-email service a total overhaul and a new name. The results are impressive.

Microsoft Tries, Tries Again to Take on Gmail, This Time With

After several updates failed to give Hotmail a new image, Microsoft is introducing a new Web-based mail service bearing the name of its flagship desktop email program.
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Retrosift Scans Your Emails for Every (Cringeworthy) Photo You’ve Ever Sent

A new app that sifts through old photos. Yes, you really wore that.