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Howard Stern’s Google TV Butt Bongo Fiesta?

Howard Stern saved Sirius XM Radio from near oblivion. Can he do the same for Google TV, the search giant’s disappointing smart-TV platform? That’s its hope. Google has inked a deal with Sirius XM that will make all of the satellite radio provider’s programming available on Google TV, King of All Media included. The agreement, which was first reported by Reuters, is expected to be announced at Google’s I/O developers conference today.

Sirius XM Mulling 24-Hour Litigation Channel

More legal woes for Sirius XM. A federal judge has approved a class-action lawsuit alleging the satellite radio network violated antitrust laws following its 2008 merger with XM Satellite Holdings.

How to Get Verified on Twitter

Easy! Work for Howard Stern, and get him to get Biz Stone to do it.

Sirius Stiffs Stern; Stern Sues Sirius

Last December Howard Stern quelled concerns that he might leave SiriusXM Radio by signing a new five-year contract. Now, just three months later, he’s suing the new company, claiming it bilked him out of the performance-based stock awards promised to him by the old one.

QOTD: Howard Stern's Twitter Love Has Already Soured. Or Maybe Not!

“I’m so over Twitter… it’s too much contact with the fans.”

— Twitter late-bloomer Howard Stern telling his Sirius listeners why he’s already tired of the service after less than a month, via Jim Romenesko. While this may disappoint Twitter executives who were praising Stern’s live-tweeting experiment just a few weeks ago, it’s worth noting that the radio pioneer was still playing with the service this morning, presumably after he had groused about it on-air.

Howard Stern and Twitter Just Made Me Watch "Private Parts" Again

Is that the future of TV? Twitter’s ad guys would like to think so.

Howard Stern Says Howard Stern Is Sticking With Sirius [UPDATED]

The radio icon gives Mel Karmazin another five years–and some very important mobile rights. Time to give those Sirius iPhone and Android apps another look.

A Beat for Sirius, But No Stern Deal–Yet

Another strong set of financials for Sirius XM Radio. Posting third-quarter earnings this morning, the company reported a profit of 2 cents a share, besting analyst estimates for a break-even quarter.

Sirius Back Above a Buck

Sirius XM Radio is a penny stock no more. Shares of the satellite radio company rose above $1 this morning, the first time they crossed that threshold since September 2008. As I write this, Sirius shares are trading at $1.07, up 11.46 percent for the day.


Sirius XM: Stern Confirms Interest in "American Idol"

Howard Stern told listeners this morning that he is considering leaving Sirius XM to become a judge on American Idol, according the

Stern Ditching Sirius for Terrestrial?

Sirius XM Unveils SkyDock for iPhone

Siriusly Disappointing

Insert "Sirius Trouble" Pun Here