You Won’t Believe All the Crazy Hardware the NSA Uses for Spying

The NSA’s Sears catalog for spies has been released.

Huawei Pulls Back on Network Side, but Still Hopes to Build U.S. Brand for Phones

Huawei EVP Colin Giles says the company doesn’t have an Apple- or Samsung-level marketing budget, but needs to somehow build its brand in order to compete beyond the entry-level phone market.

Huawei Pulls Back on Effort to Crack U.S. Carrier Equipment Market

After years of trying to sway American regulators, Huawei has decided to focus its network gear business on more welcoming markets.

Western Digital Adds Something New to Hard Drives: Helium

Getting the air out of data storage has some interesting benefits.

AllThingsD Week in Review: Patent Wars Redux and Netflix Thinks “Big”

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

Rockstar Patent Consortium Sues Google, and Practically Everyone Making Android Phones

The patent wars just got a lot more complicated.


Huawei to Keep Making Smartphones Running Windows Phone

Huawei will continue to make smartphones running the Windows Phone operating system, even as Microsoft is set to produce its own hardware after buying Nokia’s handset business.

Let’s Call the Samsung Galaxy Mega “Phablet” What It Should Be: A Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is 6.6 inches tall. Try carrying that around for a week.
Galaxy Mega Talking

Huawei Doesn’t Want BlackBerry

Not interested, says board member Chen Lifang.

China Is Not Investigating IBM, Oracle and EMC, Even as Tensions Increase

AllThingsD was wrong.