By the Book

I hate that not everything ever written is on iBooks. Man, I hate paper.

Penn Jillette, in a New York Times interview


Apple Ruling Heaps Doubt on “MFN” Clauses

Last week’s court ruling that the price-matching provision in Apple’s contracts with five major book publishers was part of a conspiracy to fix e-book prices, heaped doubt on such provisions, called most-favored-nation clauses.

Apple E-Books Ruling Won’t Do Much for Consumers

“I wouldn’t expect to see a dramatic effect on consumer prices as a result of this ruling.”

Steve Jobs, Winnie the Pooh and the iBook Launch

The Apple/DOJ trial turns into a trip down memory lane.

The Apple iBooks Origin Story

In the beginning, Steve Jobs wasn’t even interested.

Apple’s Cue Says Publishers Pushed for Higher E-Book Prices

The man the Department of Justice calls the “chief ringleader” of Apple’s alleged conspiracy to raise e-book prices finally takes the stand in the government’s price-fixing case against Apple.

Penguin to Drop Apple E-Book Deal to Settle EU Antitrust Probe

So much for that “agency” e-book model.

News Byte

Apple Adds Thousands of Japanese Titles to iBooks

Apple on Tuesday rolled out an incremental update to its iBooks application, one that transforms the Japanese version of the iBookstore into a true bookstore, not just a repository of public domain content. The new version, iBooks 3.1, includes hundreds of thousands of Japanese language titles, thanks to some new publishing-house distribution deals we reported on back in January.

Apple’s iBookstore Headed to Japan This Year

Good news for Japan’s burgeoning e-book market.

100 Million iPads, 35 Billion Apps: Apple’s Big-Number Bullet List

More metrics and milestones.

Jobs Introduces Apple iPad 2