New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

Memoir doesn’t just show you food photos and baby pictures in a news feed. It reminds you where you were in photos from the past.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Nudges Smartphone Cameras to the Next Level

The Lumia 1020 smartphone is great for photo nerds. Now, about the actual phone …

As Google+ Pushes Hard Into Photos, the Race Is On to Own Your Memories

Your baby pictures are far more valuable than you’d think.

Three Cameras That Came Into Focus at CES

Bigger sensors, more megapixels and all the other bells and whistles meant to tear you away from your smartphone camera.

Google’s Head of Shopping Says Company Has No Plans to Become a Retailer

It may be giving off those vibes, but that’s not what Google is trying to do at all, said Google’s head of Shopping, Sameer Samat.
Google's VP of Shopping Sameer Samat

The Galaxy Camera: A Better Android-Based Camera, but a Big Commitment

Samsung’s newest gadget marries a digital camera with the features of a high-end smartphone — at a high cost.
Samsung Galaxy Camera

Fujifilm’s XF1 Camera Blends Old-School Style With Advanced Control

Fujifilm’s newest compact digital camera will likely appeal to photo hobbyists with an eye toward vintage camera styles.
Fujufilm XF1

Another Android Smartphamera! This Time, From Samsung.

Let the battle of the Android-powered digital cameras begin.


Getty Images Auction Draws Initial Bids of Around $4 Billion

The auction for a potential sale of Getty Images Inc. has progressed to the second round, with several private-equity firms putting in initial bids of around $4 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

Day One at Google I/O, in Pictures

Couldn’t get in? Here’s a look.

Seeing Is Believing: Bing Gets Visual Search

Bing: Now With Visual Search