As Web IPOs Heat Up, Prominent Internet Analyst Khan Jumps From J.P. Morgan to Banking at Credit Suisse

In yet another sign that the Internet market is getting very interesting to Wall Street, well-known analyst Imran Khan is jumping from his perch as managing director at J.P. Morgan to become a banker at Credit Suisse, sources said. In this new role, the high-profile Khan–well known for his reports on digital companies–will be running investment banking for Internet markets, including IPOs and M&A.

Eric Who? Wall Street Says Google's CEO Swap Is No Big Deal (So Why Is It Selling?)

Last night, Wall Street yawned at the Eric Schmidt-Larry Page swap at the top of Google. Today, it seems a little more confused about what the change really means.

Are One in Four of You Really Going to Cut Cable and Switch to Web Video?

New year, same debate: Are people – real people, in real numbers – really dropping their cable for Web video? And do the ones who say they might really know what they’re talking about?

Why Is Facebook Worth $50 Billion? Check Out These Charts.

JP Morgan helps Goldman explain its $500 million bet, in six eye-popping bar graphs.

E-Book Sales Booming, Now 9 Percent of Total Sales (And Still Small)

Data point of the day: E-book sales are up 193 percent so far this year, and now comprise nine percent of all books sold. Context: That’s the equivalent of two mediocre Hollywood action movies.

Addition Through Subtraction: Wall Street Gives Google a MySpace Bump

Google and MySpace have yet to announce a new search deal. But J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan thinks he knows what the new pact will mean to the search giant: A $200 million annual boost.

Google's New Search Won't Boost Revenues in an Instant

Google’s Instant is very fast, but the digerati are almost as quick: They’ve immediately started debating what, exactly, the new search feature is going to murder. But J.P. Morgan reminds us that, homicide aside, Google Instant won’t have an immediate impact on the company’s own revenues and costs.

Time Warner's Q2 Gives Wall Street What It Wants

Quick summary for Jeff Bewkes’s Q2: A pleasant surprise.

Investors on eBay Earnings: Decent Seller. Would Buy From Again. B+++

If eBay was hoping its second-quarter earnings would give it a respite from the beating its shares have been taking since it reported first-quarter earnings in April, it may well get it. After market close Wednesday, the company turned in a profit that exceeded analysts’ expectations.

Search Share Still Tricky to Grok–But Google's Down, While Yahoo and Bing Show Some Legs

Another month, another search data report from comScore. In the June episode, both Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing gained a weensy bit of market share, while Google gave some up. But, a caveat all around: There is still a lot of uncertainty in the results because of issues involving extra search-query clicks being generated via questionable techniques around contextual search, which comScore said it will eventually fix.

Yahoo Earnings Preview: Cheat Sheets

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AOL’s Ad Challenge, Explained

AmEx: Say We Want a Revolution