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Intel Buys Wireless Infrastructure Business of Mindspeed Technologies

Intel said on Monday that it is buying the wireless infrastructure unit of Mindspeed Technologies as part of its effort to use Intel chips inside all manner of wireless infrastructure. “Intel-based platforms today deliver three of four key processing workloads: application processing, control processing and packet processing,” Intel said in a blog post, adding that the Mindspeed deal will help with that last area — signal processing.

Huawei Pulls Back on Effort to Crack U.S. Carrier Equipment Market

After years of trying to sway American regulators, Huawei has decided to focus its network gear business on more welcoming markets.

Apple Will Pump $11 Billion Into Capital Expenditures Next Year

Apple has budgeted $11 billion in capital expenditures for fiscal 2014.


Cloud: The Next Industrial Revolution

In its current state, the market for computing resources is very similar to the world prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Explaining What It’s Going to Do With All That Dough, Pinterest Unveils Stats on Strong Mobile and International Usage

Yes, you may say it out loud: Has Silicon Valley lost its mind?

In a Big Mobile Move, Pivotal Buys Xtreme Labs for $65 Million in Cash

You need to be mobile in the enterprise, says the cloud-based joint venture of EMC and VMware.

Seven Questions for Facebook Infrastructure Guru Frank Frankovsky

His day-to-day computing challenges are likely bigger than yours.

VMware Veteran Jerry Chen Is Greylock’s Newest Enterprise-Focused Partner

First, disrupt the plumbing.

Google’s Plan to Use Balloons to Blanket the World in Bandwidth

An idea to finally make the Internet truly global.

Twilio Names New Chief Revenue Officer