AllThingsD Week in Review: New iPads Ahead, HP’s “Pivotal Year” and Women at Twitter

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Apple-Won Ban on Import of Certain Samsung Devices Upheld

Samsung’s appeal to President Barack Obama’s administration for a veto of an import ban on some of its mobile devices has failed.

Samsung Hopes Obama Administration Will Veto Smartphone Ban

“The world is watching how Samsung is treated by the United States in this ‘smartphone war.'”

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ITC Says HTC Violated Nokia Patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission handed down a preliminary ruling in Nokia’s case against HTC, and it’s bad news for the Taiwanese company. ITC judge Thomas Pender found that HTC violated two of the three wireless patents at issue in the case. The full ITC, which has the power to block the importation of products found to infringe U.S. patents, is scheduled to issue a final decision in January.

International Trade Commission Bans Certain Samsung Products, Saying Some Apple Patents Were Violated

However, it was a split ruling, with the agency finding no violations with regard to four other patents.
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Apple-Samsung Legal Battle Heats Up Again Friday

Two key rulings — one that could result in Samsung products being banned from import into the U.S. — are due from the International Trade Commission and from federal court.
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Appeals Court Revives Apple’s Multitouch Patent Case Against Google’s Motorola

It wasn’t a total victory for Apple, but the court did rule that some of Apple’s claims were worthy of further consideration.

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ITC Postpones Decision on Apple’s Complaint Against Samsung

The U.S. International Trade Commission has postponed its final ruling in Apple’s patent-infringement complaint against Samsung. The ruling was expected today, but has now been delayed until Aug. 9.

Senators Caution White House Over ITC’s Looming iPhone Ban

A bipartisan group of senators calls upon the Obama administration to consider the public interest as it weighs whether or not to veto an order blocking U.S. sales of older iPhones and iPads.

Apple Will Appeal ITC Import Ban on Older iPhones, iPads

An unexpected victory for Samsung in its patent battle with Apple.

ITC Postpones iPhone Ban Decision