Local Heroes: The Public Companies of Tomorrow

Investors have been chanting the mantra “SoMoLo,” an acronym for three megatrends — social, mobile and local. How have these trends been performing?


“Crowdfunding” Gets State-Level Test Run

Officials in nearly a dozen states have enacted or proposed new laws — or tweaked existing policies — to make it possible for resident entrepreneurs to secure financing from everyday local investors, also known as “equity crowdfunding.”


Dell Investors Line Up For Court Appraisal

Investors with claims on more than 47.5 million Dell Inc. shares have reserved the right to ask a judge to award them more than the buyout price, in the latest example of investors trying to use the courts to nab a better outcome in a deal.

Carl Icahn Now Owns about $2.5 Billion Worth of Apple Shares

Still agitating for a bigger buyback.

Here’s Why One Snapchat Investor Thinks the App Is Worth Billions

No revenue? No problem.

Snapchat Is Mulling Another Huge Round at a $3.5 Billion Valuation

Yes, we know: Cray cray.

News Byte

Twitter to Set IPO Price Range This Week

Twitter will set the price range for its initial public offering this week, according to sources, with an exact price likely to be set in the first week of November. The company, which will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange in the coming weeks, will soon be able to begin its investor roadshow as a result of setting the price range. The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.


Cash Flow and Destiny

Until you generate cash, you must heed investors, even when they are wrong.


Board Meetings Are a Waste of Time at the Seed Stage

What companies need at this stage is a lead investor who considers it his or her job to mentor the company and help it get to the next stage.

Here’s Why Wall Street Loves Facebook Again

One chart tells you everything you need to know.