What Weeks Of Real Usage Tells About New iPhone

The iPhone 4 did better than the 3GS in decent coverage, but still isn’t a good bet for those in weak-coverage areas, writes Walt.

IPhone 4: Thanks for the Memory

Here is a good explanation for why the forthcoming iMovie app from Apple will run on the iPhone 4, but not on its predecessor, the 3GS: The new model has double the memory. Video of a Worldwide Developers Conference session released Thursday confirms rumors that the device is packing 512MB of RAM.

100 Million iPhone Owners by End of 2011? Maybe Once the Pre-Order Issues Are Sorted Out.

Apple will more than triple iPhone ownership in the next year and a half, giving it an installed base of 100 million people by the end of 2011. This according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, who theorizes that more than half of all current iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Analysts Raise iPhone 4 Sales Forecasts From Huge to Ginormous

Overwhelming demand for Apple’s new iPhone 4 on the first day of pre-orders has sent analysts running to raise their expectations for unit sales of the device. In a research note issued this morning, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster increased his June quarter iPhone sales estimate to 9.5 million from 8.5 million, arguing that Apple will likely sell one million iPhone 4s during the device’s first three days at market.

New iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Now Delayed to July 14 [UPDATED]

Apple has again adjusted the shipping date for new iPhone 4 pre-orders. After changing it from June 24 to July 2 early this morning, the company pushed the date even further back.

Apple: Sorry We Sold So Many iPhone 4s Yesterday

Apple and AT&T finally commented on Tuesday’s iPhone 4 pre-order fiasco, citing unexpectedly high demand and apologizing for system malfunctions that frustrated many eager buyers. Apple said it took pre-orders for more than 600,000 iPhone 4s, a single-day record.

What Happened to the White iPhone 4?

Though Apple offers its new iPhone 4 in both black and white, the company is currently accepting pre-orders for the black model only. According to the Apple Store, the white iPhone 4 is “currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup.” On the AT&T Web site, the white iPhone 4 is listed as “coming soon.” Why? And when will folks who prefer the white version be able to buy it?

Bing! Microsoft Search Comes to the iPhone.

As All Things Digital previously reported, the new iPhone will incorporate Microsoft’s Bing search engine. And as predicted, Bing will not be the default search engine, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today: The pole position still goes to Google, frenemy or not. And if you want to use Yahoo search, even though it’s going to be merged with Microsoft anyway? You can (still) do that, too.

Netflix Coming to iPhone, if AT&T (And Your Phone Bill) Can Keep Up

Here’s another bright, shiny object for Steve Jobs to brandish in front of iPhone owners: News that Netflix is bringing its streaming video service to the iPhone. But if AT&T can’t keep with voice calls now…

WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs on the App Store

In response to a question from Walt Mossberg at last week’s D8 conference addressing criticism about the App Store’s rejection rate, CEO Steve Jobs made a point of noting that Apple supports HTML5, a completely open platform, and that the company supports its own App Store, which is a curated platform. He reiterated that notion in his keynote today: “Guess what? Ninety-five percent of all apps submitted are approved within seven days.”

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