White iPhone "Mystique" Will Drive Sales

Nearly a year after it was promised, the white iPhone 4, that rarest of handsets, is finally headed to market, perhaps as soon as this week. Will its arrival have any material impact on sales?

Consumer Reports Continues Its Love-to-Hate Relationship With the iPhone 4

The publication warned on Friday that the Verizon iPhone is also susceptible to the so-called “death grip,” in which signal strength drops when the device is held a certain way. As it did with the AT&T version, Consumer Reports is leaving the phone off its recommended list because of the antenna issue.

Verizon iPhone and Android World Phones

Walt answers readers’ questions on the Verizon iPhone and Android world phones.

Verizon Beats AT&T in Voice Calls for iPhones

Some major benefits of the new Verizon iPhone service include crisp, clear calls with relatively few drops. But AT&T offers faster data downloads.

Jon Stewart Praises Verizon's Liberation of the iPhone

The Verizon iPhone announcement may have been a snore, but at least we got this out of it: An excellent Daily Show bit.

Analysts Go Out on Limb, Predict Verizon iPhone Will Be Big for Apple

Verizon’s announcement of the forthcoming debut of Apple’s iPhone on its network this morning was met with a flurry of analyst notes all saying exactly the same thing: 2011 is going to be a very, very strong year for the iPhone.

Apple’s Phil Schiller on Building the Verizon iPhone

Although it is barely distinguishable from the outside, developing a CDMA version of the iPhone was hardly a simple task, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller told Mobilized on Tuesday. “It was a lot of work,” Schiller told Mobilized in a brief interview after the announcement of the Verizon iPhone on Tuesday.

Hands-On With The Verizon iPhone

Earlier this morning Verizon announced the long-anticipated debut of Apple’s iPhone on its network. After the jump, photos and video of the device.

AT&T: Verizon iPhone? Whatever.

AT&T was quick to react to Verizon’s iPhone announcement, though it wasted very few words on it. The gist of its comment: Verizon iPhone users won’t be able to use the Web or check email while on a call–something AT&T iPhone users have long been able to do.

The Biggest Surprise About the Verizon iPhone: It’s a Mobile Hotspot

There weren’t a ton of surprises with the Verizon iPhone. In most respects it is identical to the iPhone 4. It’s running on Verizon’s older CDMA network and not the new 4G LTE network. The biggest deal so far is that it can act as a mobile hotspot, allowing several PCs or devices to share its wireless connection. No details yet on pricing for that.

Verizon Gets the iPhone

IPhone 4 Blowout in China

IPhone 4 Shortages in China

One Million iPhones Sold in South Korea


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