Yep, It’s Looking Like an iPad Christmas

If you’re in the market for an iPad, there are deals to be had.

Maybe the Low-End iPhone Is Really a Mid-End iPhone

More speculation about a speculative device.

It’s an iStorm: Scott Forstall Out at Apple, Along With Retail Head, as Other Top Execs Get Promotions

Apparently, there are storms in the West, too.

News Byte

Your New iPod Touch Is in the Mail

If you were among the first to pre-order Apple’s new iPod touch or iPod nano, there’s a good chance that the device will soon arrive on your doorstep. Apple began shipping the devices today, with multiple readers telling AllThingsD and others that they’ve received shipping alerts telling them to expect the device within a week. Those who placed their orders in mid-September report Oct. 15 as the estimated delivery date they’ve been given.

Apple’s New Lightning Connector: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Apple changed the 30-pin connector on its iPhone and iPod, but what does that mean for you?

Apple Shows Off Improved iPod Nano, Retina-Display iPod Touch With Siri

Siri comes to the iPod touch.

Sony’s SmartWatch Not Ready for Primetime

The wearable device pairs with some Android smartphones to send notifications and snippets of info straight to the watch.

Sony Thinks It’s Time for Another Android Watch

Sony’s SmartWatch is the latest in a long line of devices trying to bring Dick Tracy to life, but will this one earn a spot on the wrist?

A Countdown to Apple’s Cash Conference Call

After nearly a decade of watching it grow, Apple will finally do something with its cash other than watch it grow.

Apple Warns of Battery Overheating Risk with First Generation iPod Nanos

Cupertino tells users to stop using the products and send them into Apple for a free replacement.
original iPod serial number

Wheels Coming Off iPod Nanos?

Apple Cuts iPod Prices Ahead of Event