Finding an Inexpensive Phone Upgrade

Walt answers readers’ questions on finding an inexpensive upgrade to a Nokia Lumia phone.


Price Discrimination and Data Caps Are Not the Same Thing

Speed tiers have a number of positive attributes that data caps lack.


TV Is Changing Before Our Eyes

I believe we live in a show-based world, and that shows delivered over IP allow for the slow unbundling of television.

Independent ISP Tries to Raise $325M on Indiegogo to Launch a Satellite (Kinda)

It’s certainly the largest online crowdfunding campaign I’ve ever seen.


“Hi, I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”

What one arm of government giveth, another arm can quickly taketh away.

FCC to Measure Mobile Broadband Performance

Finally getting around to it, eh?


The New Internet Has Arrived — Now What?

You’ve probably heard that the Internet is running out of IP addresses.

Netflix Hands Out Its ISP Report Cards. Clearwire, Please Get This One Signed by Your Parents.

Time Warner Cable and Comcast appear to do just fine in Reed Hastings’s rankings.

Netflix Takes Aim at the Cable Guys, With a Promise to Start Firing Tomorrow

Netflix, which is fighting with the cable guys and telcos over streaming video costs, says it will publish a ranking of the best broadband performers. Or in other words: Netflix says it will tell some broadband customers that they ought to get a new provider.

Pakistan Takes on Facebook, YouTube and the Internet

A good reminder that the definition of the “World Wide Web” can change, depending on the country you’re living in: The Pakistani government is trying to block some of the planet’s most popular Web sites, including Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia.

EU Data Protection Chief: Beware the ACTA

Sun's Big Blue Light Special

When PDFs Attack

U2: The Unforgettable Embarrassment