Twitter and Square Guru Jack Dorsey on Steve Jobs, China and More: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

The James Franco of the Internet is taking questions.


Creator, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Twitter
CEO, Square

Expect a deep dive into what makes the future Web work with Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, who is someone breaking new ground as he tears down old digital paradigms. With Twitter, Dorsey redefined the real-time world and how the virtual one communicates; with Square, he is upending the payments arena, even as others try to upend him.

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Jack Dorsey’s Holiday Gift to Square: 10 Percent of His Shares

In a rare move for any executive, Square CEO Jack Dorsey has returned about 10 percent of his stake — or about three percent of all company shares — back to the company. The move, which Fortune reported this morning, will expand the pool of shares that Square can dole out to current and new employees, whether they come through normal hiring or acquisitions.

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Square Acquires, and Will Shut Down, Evenly

Square said on Wednesday that the four-person staff of a startup called Evenly will be joining the Jack Dorsey-led company in what is essentially an “acqhire.” The Evenly app, which will be shut down early next year, aimed to help people collect shared expenses from friends and others.

As Starbucks Chief Howard Schultz Departs Square’s Board, Former Goldman Sachs CFO Joins

The departure and the new addition each raise their own set of questions.
Howard Schultz headshot