Do You Have Prince Albert in a Can?

As much as some critics would like to blame the warp-speed of the Web for their mistakes, the reality is that such hoaxes and their victims have long been with us. Fake press releases are like the viruses that infect vulnerable computer systems; until you fix the system, they’ll continue to work.

Jack Shafer

Jack Shafer on the Media Beat

Sure there’s a future. Slate only laid off a few in what is a publication recession. If the car makers laid off an equal percentage, would we ask if the car industry had a future?

— Jack Shafer, who was laid off from his job as Slate’s media critic last week, during a career chat

What Does New York Times Investor Carlos Slim Want? Ask the New York Times.

Can the New York Times effectively cover Carlos Slim now that the billionaire is a major investor in the New York Times? It’s going to try. First up: A look at the Mexican telecom magnate’s media relations history in his home country. It’s…mixed.

Monday Morning Quarterback: The Can't-We-All-Get-Along Edition

Interoperate’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose: Here is that video from MarketWatch about the joint interview PBS’s Charlie Rose did with John Chambers of Cisco and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, where they trotted out that old saw about coopetition. In other words, how the tech giants might compete, but also …