Interesting: Zynga are planning a game called Quitsville

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The real lesson here is that the scoop is and always has been a dangerous act of journalistic narcissism. Did it truly matter if one outlet “broke” the same information that other outlets — and the world of the Internet — knew a second before another?

Jeff Jarvis on the failure of CNN, Fox and other outlets to report Thursday’s Supreme Court decision accurately

Bill Gross's UberMedia Raises $17.5 Million From Accel, Index and Steve Case

UberMedia, which just bought TweetDeck for $30 million in equity last week, has raised $17.5 million in a round led by Accel Partners. The valuation for the Pasadena, Calif., start-up founded by well-known entrepreneur Bill Gross–which was actually struck some month ago–is $40 million.

Welcome to the Schminternet!

Although Google CEO Eric Schmidt took pains in a press conference yesterday with Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg about net neutrality policy to distance the search giant from the idea that it could be part of any new “private” Internet, that did not stop a lot of pundits from crying foul. And also making up one of the best monikers ever for the possibility of a new toll-heavy information superhighway. That would be the Schminternet!

News Byte

Google Explains the Newspaper Business to the Feds

Most important takeaway: We’re not the ones killing newspapers! Google’s 20-page lesson (via Jeff Jarvis) is a response to a Federal Trade Commission “how to save the industry” draft paper, and there’s nothing really new here. But it’s still useful if you’re looking for a good summary. Two sentence version: “The large profit margins newspapers enjoyed in the past were built on an artificial scarcity: Limited choice for advertisers as well as readers. With the Internet, that scarcity has been taken away and replaced by abundance.” Google’s real aim here, via its own summary: “We’re hopeful that our comments will help encourage policy makers to promote innovation and creativity rather than protectionist barriers.”

Paid Search Inventor Bill Gross Moves to Monetize Tweets With TweetUp–And Without Twitter (Plus Screenshots)

Just as Twitter finally prepares to announce its plans to make money–after what has seemed an eternity–the man responsible for the invention of paid search is beating the microblogging site to the potentially profitable punch, and without its involvement. Armed with $3.5 million in venture funding from a group of leading investors, well-known entrepreneur Bill Gross is launching a public beta of TweetUp, a bidding marketplace akin to Overture/Goto.com, the first paid search system he created a decade ago.

How to Report Snow

No need to watch current coverage of today’s weather. Last month’s coverage of Britain’s weather will suffice.

Jeff Jarvis on Online Video–And a Shout-Out to BoomTown Video

In this interview with Andy Plesser of Beet.TV, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine talks about the changes in the production of online video. At the end, he points to BoomTown’s annoying (and artistic!) work with our little Flip camera as an example of the trend toward the quick and, well, dirty. Here’s the video:

Kara Visits DLD in Germany: The Naomi Campbell Edition

Why was supermodel Naomi Campbell suddenly standing right next to German publisher Hubert Burda at the final lunch for his company’s DLD–Digital, Life, Design–conference in Munich yesterday? I have no idea, nor do I know why Burda broke out into song either–how much do you have to love a media mogul willing to do that? […]

Memo to Bill Keller: The Kids Love the Web (Also, Saul Hansell!)

Speaking in London last week, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller delivered a speech that sounded suspiciously like the grumpy rants of Hollywood moguls of late, who don’t like this digital thing one little bit. To his credit, Keller spent the start of the speech in honor of the late legendary Guardian columnist Hugo Young expertly dissecting the appalling attitude of the Bush administration toward the free press.

Jeff Jarvis Is Amanda Congdon's Fair Lady

Kara Visits Jeff Jarvis

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