John McCain

United States Senator

Sen. John McCain, who is currently seeking the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, has represented Arizona in Congress for 25 years and is widely known as a critic of government waste, a proponent of campaign reform and a paragon of candor (at least for a politician.) More recently, he has become strongly identified as a fervent advocate for remaining in Iraq, arguing that the war can be won with the proper resources and strategy. This has been a highly controversial position, even among some Republicans. Sen. McCain, a hero in Vietnam for his courage in brutal conditions as a prisoner of war, also knows a good deal about government policy toward telecommunications, including some Internet issues, through his service on the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees government policy in these areas. He served as chairman of the committee from 1997 to 2001 and 2003 to 2005. He is currently the ranking minority member of the panel.

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Can Congress Blow Up the TV Bundle? John McCain Is Going to Try — Again.

Everyone says they want a la carte TV — at least in theory. But there’s no way to get it unless the industry collapses or the laws change.
tv chain

Harry Reid’s Plan to Save America From Default Using Wireless Spectrum

A key piece of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s debt-reduction plan calls for raising billions of dollars from wireless spectrum auctions.


Tech Giants Defend Privacy Practices

Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. defended their privacy practices Thursday to lawmakers considering how to update privacy laws to include more protections for Internet users.


Senators Propose Privacy Bill of Rights

Sens. John Kerry and John McCain proposed legislation Tuesday to create a “privacy bill of rights” to protect people from the increasingly invasive commercial data-collection industry.


Proposed Bill Would Put Curbs on Data Gathering

Sens. John McCain and John Kerry are circulating proposed legislation to create an “online privacy bill of rights,” according to people familiar with the situation, a sign of bipartisan support for efforts to curb the Internet-tracking industry.

Humanity's Last Hope at "Jeopardy" Is Named Rush Holt

It took a congressman who’s also a nuclear scientist and former “Jeopardy” champion in his own right to do what Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter failed to do: Beat IBM’s Watson.

Fiorina’s First Act as Senator: Merge California and Nevada

Her dreams of heading up the World Bank dashed, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, the architect of one of the worst tech mergers in history, has turned her attention to California politics. After months of speculation, she officially announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate today.

Weekend Update 10.24.09–Drinking From the Fire Hose Edition

We knew it had to happen. There was no way the great white (and blue, and whatever color Yahoo is) search engine sharks could resist the fire hoses full of text chum Twitter produces 24/7. Heck, Twitter even chops its textual fish heads into lovely bite-sized chunks.

McCain Gets Mavericky on Net Neutrality

They don’t call Sen. John McCain a maverick for nothing. Just hours after Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski officially unveiled Net neutrality rules, the Arizona Republican introduced a bill that would prohibit the Commission from enacting them.

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