Myanmar Denies Hacking After Gmail Warnings

Myanmar’s government denied its agencies were involved in hacking after Google technology warned a number of journalists using Gmail that their accounts might be the target of state-sponsored hacking.

Rupert Murdoch’s Daily for iPad Debuts Feb. 2

The Daily, the iPad newspaper News Corp. was supposed to unveil a few weeks ago, has a new launch date and a new venue for its debut: Feb. 2 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Rupert Murdoch's "Daily" iPad Newspaper Set for January Launch

Want to get a gander at “the Daily,” Rupert Murdoch’s much-discussed but still sorta-secret iPad newspaper? Wait a month–and expect to see several other apps using a new iTunes subscription feature around the same time.

Forbes Gets a Facelift. Next Up: A New Body

Here’s the new Forbes.com, the product of four months of work by new editorial boss Lewis D’Vorkin. The redesign hasn’t rolled out sitewide yet, but you can get a good sense of it by heading to the new Forbes 400 list, out tonight. The important changes, though, are happening under the hood, where D’Vorkin is rethinking what a journalist does, and how a journalist gets paid.

Anatomy of a Failed Start-Up: Why NewsLabs Didn't Make It (And Why I May Not Have Helped)

In which a former start-up CEO explains what went wrong–and why he thinks I made it worse.

D8 Video: NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Explains the Upside of the Media Meltdown

What happens to laid-off journalists? Some of them wise up and get other work, but others doggedly insist on staying in the industry. Those are the ones NPR CEO Vivian Schiller wants to work with, via a network of new media sites, she explained at the D8 conference on Wednesday.
Vivian Schiller

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Live at D8: There’s a Reason We’re Not Called National Public Radio Anymore

Radio was supposed to be gone by now–wiped out by iPods, on-demand streaming and an endless buffet of personalization options. But National Public Radio’s audience is bigger than ever. But CEO Vivian Schiller knows that traditional radio is indeed going away — she gives radio towers another 10 years, tops.
Vivian Schiller

Mel Karmazin’s Wish List: More Satellite Radios, Fewer Journalists

A new ad campaign is helping move more radios, says Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin, who also has some staffing advice for news organizations.

New York Times to Sack 100 Staffers

If newspapers are suffering a death by 1000 cuts, the next 100 will be made at the New York Times. The company today announced plans to reduce its newsroom staff by eight percent by the end of 2009. Cuts will be made by buyout, but the company will resort to layoffs should its hand be forced.

But That "People Familiar With the Matter" Stuff Ain't Gonna Fly Here

Business journalists who had their careers curtailed by the souring economy might consider stopping by the Securities and Exchange Commission on their next trip to the unemployment office. The agency may have a good use for their talents, according to Chairman Mary Schapiro, who finds the sadly diminished ranks of the business press worrisome.

Good Effort, Moral Pygmies…