As Twitter Grows Up, Its Users Don’t

Unlike most big social networks, Twitter didn’t start out by appealing to kids. They’re coming to it now, though. Is that enough to help it break through to the mainstream?

Coming to Wall Street This Month: Quantum Dawn 2 — Cyberwar!

A sequel to 2011’s popular exercise, in which banks and federal agencies will attempt to deal with a simulated cyber attack. Probably no car chases, though.

Yes, Yahoo Is Going to Run More Ads on Tumblr, Says Marissa Mayer

You’re not surprised, right?

Yahoo Tumblrs for Cool: Board Approves $1.1 Billion Deal as Expected

Done (just like we said).

Bloomberg Names Former IBM CEO Palmisano to Advise on Data Privacy

But will there be an audit?

Tableau Software and Marketo Fire Up IPO Action Today

Many more to come.

How to Read Google’s Q1 Results


Cheer Up, Facebook Investors! Maybe People Aren’t Bailing on Mark Zuckerberg, After All.

J.P. Morgan argues that Facebook isn’t losing the battle for the phone to Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Charts!
zuckerberg bell ring

Google, Wall Street Have a Failure to Communicate. So Earnings Should Be Fun Today!

Good luck figuring out if Google beat the Street today.

Look for a Fall iPhone Blowout

Want a Cheaper Tablet? Just Wait.