Zynga Files Suit Against Former Staffer, Claiming Theft of Trade Secrets

The complaint was filed in court on Friday against Alan Patmore, the former general manager of CityVille, who left the company to join crosstown rival Kixeye.

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Paul Ceglia Fined $5,000 Plus Legal Fees in Attempt at Facebook Billions

The continuing case in which Paul Ceglia sued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over a supposed 2003 contract entitling Ceglia to 50 percent of Facebook could be drawing to a close. On Tuesday, a New York judge ordered Ceglia to pay $5,000 for contempt of court, plus some of Facebook’s legal fees, after Ceglia tried to avoid handing over his email account information. Ceglia has seen a string of legal teams abandon the case. A lawyer for Facebook told the Buffalo News that the company will try to get the case dismissed.

Tasty Geek: Nathan Myhrvold Takes His Modernist Cuisine to “Top Chef”

A side of patent troll pâté anyone?
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Viral Video: Christoph Waltz Slays on "American Idol" (No, Really Slays!)

BoomTown loves the spoof videos that late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel does–Hello, Humpilates!–and this one featuring actor Christoph Waltz is another great one. Waltz always plays scary dudes–usually, some version of a Nazi, if not one, in fact–in movies, and so making him a homicidal judge on the talent show “American Idol” is perfection.

Winklevii: How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away? (Plus the Full Court Ruling)

It seems Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the Don Quixote twins of the digital age, have tilted at yet another legal windmill unsuccessfully. So now, after losing another court challenge to overturn a previous court challenge, they’ll have to settle for $65 million. Actually, $100 million, which is how much shares in Facebook have appreciated since the pair and also Divya Narendra settled with the social networking giant.

SAP Plans to Fight $1.3 Billion Judgment in Oracle Case

SAP believes the jury was too generous in its award to Oracle and that the damages are not proportionate to its subsidiary’s offense of intellectual-property theft.


ITC Rules Against Kodak Patent Complaint

The International Trade Commission dealt a blow Monday to Eastman Kodak Co., ruling against the company in its patent-infringement complaint against Apple Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd.

Judge: HP Can Re-Investigate Hurd Departure

A shareholder lawsuit seeking to get Hurd’s severance money back is on hold until the latest probe is complete.

HP Plans Another Probe Into Hurd Departure

A new set of independent lawyers may be tapped to revisit the circumstances of how Mark Hurd came to resign as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, court filings show.

Gag Order Denied in Oracle, SAP Trial

BoomTown as Judge Judy, Um, Judge BigApps