You Sound Dumb When You Use All Those Hashtags

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timblerlake deliver a public service announcement on hashtags. Remember: They’re annoying because it’s annoying.

Why Lady Gaga Isn’t Ditching the CD (Video)

Hint: She likes to sell albums. Gaga manager Troy Carter explains at D: Dive into Media.

Big Media Flexes Its Muscle, and Justin Timberlake Sells a Lot of Music

It helps that he can sing and dance. But it also helps that he’s got a huge machine behind him. Also: About those iTunes charts …

Viral Video: “Dick in a Box” Meets “Duck Tales”

Takeaway: Ladies can’t get pregnant in the summertime.

Myspace Plans a Reboot — Again

Round …4?

Honest: Jessica Alba’s Now an E-Commerce Geek (Video)

Can a Hollywood star sell online consumers on a healthier lifestyle for them and their kids?

Still Looking for Gift Ideas? Wal-Mart Recommends a Box for Men.

Don’t know what to get your loved one? Wal-Mart has made a list of recommendations based on people’s interests on their Facebook pages. At the very top: A keepsake box for men.

Viral Video: So a Guy Chainsaws a Parking Meter … As a Movie Promo

I could not even explain this if I tried.

Exclusive: Here’s Myspace’s New Pitch: Music, Youth Culture and “Steadied” Traffic

Today and tomorrow, Specific Media-owned Myspace is at Advertising Week with Justin Timberlake to sell marketers on its new strategy. Here’s the company’s pitch slides.

New Myspace Owners Set to Finally Unveil Their Strategy Today

Instead of a press conference or a product launch, the company will be addressing “CMOs and senior marketers” to tell them about advertising opportunities and show off Justin Timberlake.

Does Facebook Have 600 Million Users Yet?