Haiku Deck Expands Its Anti-PowerPoint Presentation App to the Web

Haiku Deck’s PowerPoint and Keynote alternative is now available as a free Web app.
Haiku Deck Web App 2 - Themes

Kevin Spacey Goes All House-of-Cards on Hollywood (Video)

Thus spake Francis Underwood: “There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain.”

Apps Raise the iPad’s Aptitude for Real Work

iPads and other tablets are being used every day for productivity tasks once reserved for laptops. Walt Mossberg looks at apps that attempt to emulate the features of Office.

Better Late Than Never: Yahoo’s Mayer Finally Talks About Telecommuting Kerfuffle

New CEO rule learned: It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

Interview: Bill Gates Talks About Tech Innovations for Vaccines Ahead of Global Confab

Solve this: One child every 20 seconds dies from a disease that could have been prevented by an existing vaccine.

Ballmer’s CES Keynote, Courtesy of Qualcomm (Video)

No crazy sweating this time, though.

Argentina-Based Wideo Wants You to Ditch PowerPoint and Make a Cartoon Instead

Animation for dummies (or at least for anyone who’s sick of slide-heavy presentations).
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 1.18.45 AM

Viral Video: Will Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs Bring Adorkable “Born Mobile” Toddler to CES?

The massive annual tech gathering truly goes mobile in 2013.

Salesforce CEO Benioff Has Lots of New Things to Launch Today

It’s going to be a busy day at Dreamforce.

Why Okta CEO Todd McKinnon Likes Having Salesforce.com as a Competitor

A big new rival proves that Okta has been on to something important from the start.

Microsoft Office on iPad