Dell Tablets at Bargain Prices

The Dell Venue 7 is a heck of a buy for a brand-name Android tablet, says Walt Mossberg, but if you can spare more money, you’ll get a better experience in a more expensive small tablet.

E-Reader vs. iPad

Which is a better reader for all types of light: The Kindle Paperwhite or the iPad?

Kindle Fire HDX: A More Helpful Tablet

The most unusual feature of the Kindle Fire HDX is its Mayday button, but a better help system isn’t exactly the prime reason to buy a new tablet.

Finding a Tablet for a 4-Year-Old

Walt Mossberg answers readers’ questions on finding a tablet suitable for a child and creating a Wi-Fi hot spot in Paris.

Limiting Wi-Fi Access Per Child

Walt answers readers’ questions about limiting Wi-Fi Internet access for family members.

How Much of a Tablet Can You Get for Under $300?

Walt looks at two large tablets for under $300: the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD and the Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10.1.

Kindle Fire HD Is Better but It Isn’t the Best Color Tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is slimmer, lighter and more stylish, but it doesn’t beat the iPad as a tablet.
Kindle Fire

Year of the Talking Phone and a Cloud That Got Hot

Important new products and services—including Ultrabooks, cloud computing and Android devices—raised questions and anticipation for the year ahead.

Loading Photos Into the Kindle Fire

Walt answers readers’ technology questions, including loading photos into the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire, A Grown-Up E-Reader With Tablet Spark

The Kindle Fire adds a multifunction color tablet to Amazon’s popular line of monochrome Kindle e-readers. It is a good value. It doesn’t just add color to the Kindle, it adds a robust ability to store and stream music, TV shows and movies—and a weaker ability to store and display color photos.
Amazon Kindle Fire

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Shedding Light on E-Reader Glare

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Finding the Best Way to Read Books on an iPad

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