Twitter Likely to Kill Its Music App

Nice knowing you, Twitter #Music.

Twitter, Discovery and the Problem of Simplicity

A product engineering problem for the ages if ever there was one.

With Beats, Jimmy Iovine — Not Facebook — Will Tell You What Music You Want

Curators, not your friends, know music better, according to the iconic music producer.

Sean Parker and Daniel Ek on Apple, Playlists and the End of the CD: The D10 Highlights (Video)

CD’s aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? Playlists.


Google Music’s Artist Hub Asks Artists to Bring the Wheel and Inflate It, Too

When Google Music launched last week, much of the attention focused on the “Artist Hub” feature that allows unsigned bands to create a profile and sell music direct to fans. Okay … And?

Spotify Signs On EMI for U.S. Launch. At Least One More to Go…

It’s getting closer: Spotify has finalized a U.S. distribution deal with EMI Music. That won’t get Spotify to America–at a minimum, it’ll need Universal Music Group on board as well–but it’s a step in the right direction. Now, about those Apple subscription fees…

Pandora's Music Fees Are Huge! And Not That Bad.

The Internet radio service is handing over half of every dollar it brings into the music industry. But things could be a lot worse. And the royalty system that taxes Pandora also allows it to thrive.

Spotify Clears Its Throat for a U.S. Launch in "Coming Months"

The music service still doesn’t have a U.S. launch date, but it’s telling the American digerati that their free lunch is just about over.

Is Jason Kilar Trying to Get Fired?

Did the Hulu CEO just channel Jerry Maguire? Or did he think his future as a TV manifesto would sway his network owners? It may not matter.

One Down: Spotify Signs Sony to U.S. Deal

This doesn’t get them into the States, but it gets them a lot closer: Music service Spotify has finally signed with Sony for a U.S. distribution deal. Multiple sources tell me the deal, which has been very close since last fall, is now closed.

A Video Guaranteed to Not Stop Music Pirates