No One Buys Music on the Web Anymore. Except When They Buy a Million Beyonce Albums in Five Days.

Beyonce and Apple defy gravity, and a year-long trend. What Does It All Mean?
Beyonce iTunes

Title-Inflation Police

You do not deserve the title of genius! You can’t just throw that term around.

— “Saturday Night Live”’s Jay Pharoah, in character as Kanye West, to Lady Gaga playing Karen, the Apple Store Genius Bar tech-support employee

Is YouTube Too Big to Have a Really Big Show?

If you have a billion viewers, it’s going to be hard to please all of them all the time. But the first few minutes of last night’s show were pretty great, period.
YouTube Music Awards 2013 - Show

Today’s Giant Media Event, Brought to You — And Owned — By Google

Remember when Google didn’t make or own content? Anyway, here’s the YouTube Music Awards, featuring Eminem and Lady Gaga.
lady gaga youtube music awards excerpt

News Byte

Yahoo Acquires — And Will Shut Down — Social Advertising Startup Bread

Yahoo is adding six employees to its advertising staff via an acquisition, buying social advertising company Bread, the startup’s CEO Alan Chan announced in a blog post on Friday. Bread makes a URL shortener that displays an ad between the time that someone clicks on the shortened link and when they are taken to the related website. Chan, whose startup had raised $3.5 million from a group of investors including Lady Gaga manager and angel investor Troy Carter, said Bread would stop selling its products.

Coder’s Site Tracks Trending Twitter GIFs in Real Time

Welcome to Twitter — in animated pictures.

Ten Things About Me

18 Things About Eventbrite’s Julia and Kevin Hartz

“The Brady Bunch” as entrepreneurial tool.

KatieCam: Troy Carter Dishes on the Best Cheesesteak in Philly

Gino’s or Pat’s?

More D11 Speakers: Meet the Managers of Bieber (Braun), Gaga (Carter) and Madonna (Oseary)

They make the songs that make the whole world tweet.

App-y New Year!