Viki Strikes Deal With Baidu to Bring Crowd-Translated Programming to China

“Hulu for the rest of the world” enters a big market.

Tweet Is Now a Real Word, and the Oxford English Dictionary Says So

Which came first, tweet or retweet?

Facebook to Introduce Hashtags — And That’s a Double-Edged Sword for Twitter

The pros and cons of being ripped off.

The $56 Million Man: Yahoo Confirms Hiring of Google’s De Castro as COO

Yes, that’s a lot of dough for the multi-lingual sales exec.

Take a Note: Typing With No Hands

Use the microphone icon on your virtual keyboard to dictate accurate texts, Tweets, emails and more.

Woody Speaks Mandarin: Disney Brings Chinese-Language Apps to iPad

到无穷大和超越! (To infinity and beyond!)


The New Science of the Birth and Death of Words

Can physicists produce insights about language that have eluded linguists and English professors? That possibility was put to the test this week when a team of physicists published a paper drawing on Google’s massive collection of scanned books.

Google+’s Horowitz Talks About Joining Board of Wordnik, as Online Dictionary Site Garners $8M More in Funding (Video)

It’s the first board seat ever for Horowitz, who has been a bit busy of late launching the search giant’s first successful social networking product.

Liveblogging Demand Media's Q1 Earnings: Perky Perfecting!

Today, after Demand Media beat Wall Street expectations, its cheerful execs got on the horn with investors to explain how it plans to beat the Panda. That would be the beastly name for Google’s rejiggering of its search algorithm, in order to rid search results of poor quality content. BoomTown liveblogged the event, of course.

Help! I'm Addicted to CityVille

Full D8 Demo Video: Wordnik

D8 Tech Demo: Wordnik

It’s a Botnet Party Vietnam

Yahoo’s Bradford Bails

How to Report Snow