President & Publisher, USA Today

USA Today is America’s largest print newspaper. What does that mean in the digital era? That’s the question Larry Kramer is grappling with as he works on a strategic vision for the paper and its related platforms, the USA Today Sports Media Group, the Travel Media Group, and USA Weekend. Kramer came to the paper in 2012; prior to that, his digital bona fides include a position as the first president of CBS Digital Media, and as CEO and founder of CBS MarketWatch. He started his journalism career as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner.

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Day Two at D: Dive Into Media 2013, in Pictures and Tweets

Storified: The best tweets and pictures from the second day of D: Dive Into Media.

Old Media Is the New Hotness for Chris Hughes and Larry Kramer

The business of news is a hard one, but at least two people running publishing institutions say they’re optimistic.

Game On! Xbox Bosses Mehdi, Tellem Come to Dive Into Media.

The Xbox is a Web TV player that also happens to work for games. Meet the people in charge of making it an even bigger deal in the media world.

Meet the Man Who Wants to Blow Up the TV Business: Dish Network’s Charlie Ergen Comes to Dive Into Media

A rare appearance from a maverick billionaire with big plans.
charlie ergen dive

Old Media, New Tricks: The New Republic’s Chris Hughes and USA Today’s Larry Kramer Join Dive Into Media

Two very smart guys with very different backgrounds and a similar problem: How do you transform iconic print publications for the digital era?
larry kramer chris hughes dive into media

Viral Video: Silicon Valley May Now Officially Blame Larry Kramer for BoomTown

Larry Kramer, the online journalism pioneer and persistent gadfly, finally took credit where credit is certainly due, in a story he tells of giving me my big break way back in the dark ages. In a video interview with Beet.TV recently, Kramer claims I “scared” him into giving me a stringer job at the Washington Post in the early 1980s. That does sound like me.


Yahoo: Carol Bartz Live From Stanford Directors' College

Ah, Father’s Day. The perfect time to kick back, fire up the grill, grab a cold one and watch a game on the tube, surrounded by the rest of the clan, all catering to your every whim.

The Guardian's Changing Media Summit in London: No Answers There Either!

On BoomTown’s recent grand tour of Europe, I paid a visit a week ago to London to moderate some sessions at Media Guardian’s Changing Media Summit 2009. As in the U.S., a lot of the same questions were asked there about when and how the new media business would cross the Rubicon to transform into a strongly profitable and sustainable business. And the answer to that query was just as hard to find as here.

Guardian Media Group Buys paidContent for $30 Million

In what will be yet another new media coup, sources tell BoomTown that Britain’s Guardian Media Group will announce this morning that it will buy the digital media news site paidContent for a price “north of $30 million.”

Kara Visits Larry Kramer

I have known Larry Kramer since I was a college student in Washington, D.C., and he hired me as a stringer for the Washington Post’s Metro section–even after I insulted him about the newspaper’s terrible coverage of students. At the time, Kramer was running the section. Since then–back in the dark ages and after a […]

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