Meet the New Mobile LinkedIn: The Professional Network Disguised as a Consumer Site

The business-focused network is looking a lot less stuffy these days.

MarissaTV, the Yahoo Q3 News — If It Bleeds, It Definitely Does Not Lead

At least CEO Marissa Mayer impresses in her second video performance.

With Two New Models, How Many iPhones Can Apple Sell in a Weekend?

At least six million. More than five million. As many as 7.75 million.

Moto X Launch Event Is August 1

Details are few.

Motorola’s First Moto X Ad Pitches Patriotism and “Personalized” Smartphones

Motorola readies its first phone launch under the wide wings of Google.

Apple Signs Sony Publishing Up for iRadio, Too

Another hurdle cleared.

Saying No to YouTube

Every time you invest $1 in YouTube, you’re building their power base and leverage over you.

Jason Calacanis, from an email explaining why he turned down additional funding from YouTube

Yahoo Paid $30 Million in Cash for 18 Months of Young Summly Entrepreneur’s Time

For the PR boost alone, it might be worth it.

This Year at SXSW, the Next Killer App … Maybe Isn’t

This year’s digital festival in Texas doesn’t have a clear breakout theme as yet.

Get Ready to Party Like It’s Windows 95