Insert Bad Cat Pun Here: Mountain Lion Usage Growing Quickly

Mac Web traffic from Mountain Lion nearly doubles.
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Meet Mountain Lion: The Latest Mac OS

Apple is previewing the latest version of its Mac OS X software today.

Is Twitter Worth $1 Billion?

Snow Leopard Outselling Leopard 2 to 1

Snow Leopard’s under-the-hood improvements and low price point are evidently making up for the operating system’s lack of new bells and whistles. Market research outfit NPD reports that the latest iteration of Apple’s Mac OS X is selling twice as fast as Leopard and almost four times faster than Tiger.

OS X 10.5.8 Kills Bugs Dead

Apple on Wednesday released OS X 10.5.8, the latest point release to Mac OS X Leopard, even as Amazon takes pre-orders for its next iteration–Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). 10.5.8 is largely a maintenance update, though it does patch a number of security vulnerabilities (18 to be exact), some of them fairly old.

Windows 7 Released to BitTorrent, Manufacturing

Microsoft has signed off on Windows 7. On Wednesday, the company released the final version of the operating system to manufacturers, a piece of software that it hopes will restore the engineering reputation that Vista so badly tarnished.

Adding an Amazon or Apple Affiliate Link to Your Blog? The Feds Want to Know.

Let’s say you’re a small-time blogger who makes a habit out of writing about, say, music or books or software or videogames. And let’s say that you’ve decided to join an “affiliate program” that sends readers to Amazon or to Apple’s iTunes, where they can buy said product. Well, the Federal Trade Commission might like a word with you.

WWDC Keynote LIVE: Microsoft Exchange and Snow Leopard

“We’ve decided to build Microsoft Exchange support into Snow Leopard,” says Serlet to much applause. A quick demo of this new feature shows set-up is extraordinarily easy. Corporate Exchange accounts are auto-discovered and searchable via Leopard technologies — regardless of whether a user has Microsoft Office installed on their local machine. iCal and Address Book offers integrated views of Exchange events and contacts and local events and contacts. The integration seems very slick and easy. It also supports Exchange’s location and availability features.

WWDC 2009 Keynote LIVE: Welcome to WWDC '09

10:01, and lights dim to reveal a movie screen. Onscreen: John Hodgman, as PC, welcoming attendees to WWDC and encouraging developers to slow down iPhone App development. Increasingly frustrated Hodgman finally fires off a raspberry. Replaced by Mac guy, who welcomes everyone to WWDC. Phil Schiller takes the stage now. “Can’t you feel the love in this room.” 25 million active OS X users in the past two years, he says, talking up Leopard. Installed base has tripled in the past two years.

Dell Aims for Style With New Laptop and Family Model

Dell’s new Adamo laptop and Studio One 19 desktop are attractive and functional, but neither is ground-breaking, says Walt Mossberg.

Macworld ’09: iWork ’09,

Psyonara, Pt. III


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