Les Moonves

President and CEO

As president and chief executive officer of CBS, Les Moonves oversees all operations of the company, including the CBS Television Network, the CW (a joint venture between CBS and Warner Bros.), CBS Television Stations, CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Television Distribution Group, Showtime, CBS Radio, CBS Records, CBS Outdoor, Simon & Schuster, CBS Interactive, CSTV Networks, Inc., CBS Consumer Products, CBS Home Entertainment and CBS Feature Films. That's a lot of CBS's, all of which must move fast-forward into the digital arena to thrive. Prior to the Viacom separation in 2005, Moonves served as co-president and co-chief operating officer of Viacom and chairman of CBS, overseeing all of Viacom's domestic and international broadcast television operations, its radio division and outdoor advertising operations. He joined CBS from Warner Bros. Television, where he served as president, and was also an executive at 20th Century Fox Television. And, best of all, the graduate of Bucknell University also pursued an acting career early on.

Posts With Les Moonves


CBS, Time Warner Reach Deal to End Blackout

A monthlong blackout of the CBS network on Time Warner Cable Inc. ended Monday, resolving one of the longest disputes between a pay-TV operator and a network in recent years.


The Disequilibrium of Power: How Retransmission Consent Went So Wrong, and How to Fix It

Local broadcast retransmission consent legislation was never intended to fund NFL rights acquisition and prime-time network programming.

CBS Has a Weapon It Won’t Use in Its Time Warner Cable Fight

For a good reason (at least in Les Moonves’ eyes).

Aereo, Citing Tweets and Conference Calls, Fires Off a New Legal Salvo at CBS

Short version: “We’ll sue you before you sue us.”

Digital Killed the Radio Star

The idea that we have to pay them to put their music on our radio stations is absurd …

— CBS CEO Les Moonves

CBS Loves Apple TV, in Theory

Of course, “the devil is in the details,” says CBS boss Les Moonves. “It depends.”

CBS May Produce New Show for Netflix

Big Media is making lots of money selling reruns to digital players like Netflix. Now it’s starting to help the new guys make their own stuff, too.
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Netflix Gets “Gossip Girl” — And a Time Warner Deal

Turns out Jeff Bewkes is happy to work with the “Albanian Army” after all — he and Les Moonves have a deal to sell more reruns to Reed Hastings.

Netflix Adds More Disney/ABC Shows–But Not the Ones You Missed Last Night

A familiar trade for Netflix: It gets more content for its Web streaming service, but agrees to wait longer to show off some of it. Want to watch TV shows that ran yesterday? Go somewhere else.

Viral Video: "The View" Vs. "The Talk"