Liability Issues Create Potholes on the Road to Driverless Cars

Arizona lawmakers last year were debating a law laying out guidelines for an up-and-coming technology: self-driving vehicles. Then they got to a question they couldn’t steer around: Who is to blame if a driverless car gets in a wreck?

Still Not Convinced the Cloud Is a Risky Place? Here Are Some Scary Numbers To Ponder.

The company that says cloud providers are in denial about risk has estimated the total costs from the recent Epsilon data breach. Here’s a hint: They’re big.

Are Cloud Companies in Denial About Risk?

Once a sales manager for Salesforce.com, Drew Bartkiewicz was a cloud computing evangelist. Then he worked in the insurance industry. Now he says cloud computing companies and their customers are ignoring a key question: Who’s liable when something goes really wrong?

MPEG LA Coming After Google's VP8 Video Codec

Is Google’s VP8 video codec free from patent liability? We’re about to find out. MPEG LA, the consortium that controls the AVC/H.264 video standard, issued a call for patents thought to be essential to VP8 today, a first step in the creation of a patent pool for the specification.

Codec Capers: Google Drops H.264 Support in Chrome

Here’s one way to spur adoption of your new video codec. End your browser’s support for a widely used rival codec. That’s what Google did today, announcing that its Chrome browser will ship without native support for H.264.

SAP Granted Lower APR Damages Award in Oracle Case

SAP would rather not pay Oracle interest on top of the $1.3 billlion in damages awarded the company last month. But if it must, it would prefer that the interest be calculated at a lower rate. The company argued that point in a recent court filing, and Tuesday evening a court agreed.

Oracle-SAP Verdict: SAP Owes Oracle $1.3 Billion

Billions or millions. That was the central question in the Oracle vs. SAP case and in the end, the jury determined its answer to be billions with a “b.” For the theft of Oracle’s intellectual property by its now shuttered TomorrowNow division, SAP must pay Oracle $1.3 billion.

QOTD: What Happened to “He Is Clearly a Very Important Witness in This Case”?

“I think it would have been helpful and important for the jury to hear from him. On the other hand, it wasn’t essential. We were able to put our case in anyway.”

Oracle attorney David Boies changes his tune on the importance of HP CEO Léo Apotheker’s testimony in the company’s copyright infringement lawsuit against SAP

Oracle-SAP: Closing Statements Followed by Closing Insults

With closing arguments said and done, the Oracle-SAP case is nearly over, but the companies continue to trade sucker punches outside the courtroom. In dueling statements issued Monday night, Oracle branded SAP an IP plunderer and SAP upbraided Oracle for its impolitic behavior and what it seems to view as poor form.

Oracle-SAP Case Closes With $1.67 Billion Difference of Opinion

Closing arguments in the Oracle vs. SAP trial went about as expected, with Oracle attorney David Boies urging the jury to drop the hammer on SAP by awarding $1.7 billion in damages, and SAP attorney Robert Mittelstaedt arguing that to do so would be asinine.

Oracle Rests SAP Case, Slams HP CEO

Oracle, SAP and the Apotheker Sideshow