Your iTunes Collection, Displayed as a Solar System

The Cooper-Hewitt Museum is showcasing an artifact that isn’t even tangible: An open-sourced app called Planetary that’s meant to be an “evolving piece of design.”

EMC Donates Big Storage to a Library Like No Other, the Vatican’s

Something new for something very old.

Set Phasers to Hulu: CBS Cuts Another Web Video Deal

The video joint venture now has shows from all four broadcast TV networks. But there’s a catch …

An Inside Look at the FCC’s Gadget Library (Video)

Aiming to make sure its workers are familiar with the products they regulate, the Federal Communications Commission has set up a gadget library inside its walls. We got a glimpse inside.
FCC gadget library

Check Out What You Can Check Out at a Wisconsin Library: An Apple iPad

While many libraries are now checking out e-books and digital audiobooks in addition to physical media, the Eau Claire library is taking things a step further by lending out iPads.
iPad Due Date

News Byte

Amazon Rolls Out Kindle Library Lending

Amazon has launched its long-promised library lending program for its Kindle e-reader, and says more than 11,000 libraries are participating. E-book competitors — like Barnes & Nobles’ Nook, and Sony’s Reader — already offer something comparable.


Amazon in Talks to Launch Digital-Book Library Inc. is talking with book publishers about launching a Netflix Inc.-like service for digital books, in which customers would pay an annual fee to access a library of content, according to people familiar with the matter.

News Byte

Check it Out: Amazon Will Add 11,000 U.S. Libraries to the Kindle

Amazon just eliminated one of the biggest differences between the Kindle and competing e-readers. It said today it will be rolling out the Kindle Library Lending feature later this year, allowing customers to borrow books for free from more than 11,000 libraries in the U.S. Other e-readers and e-book services have allowed books to be checked out from the library for some time. Amazon said library books will be available both on Kindle devices and through the Kindle’s mobile apps.

New Way to Check Out eBooks

Get out your library cards: Now you can wirelessly download electronic books from your local library using the Apple iPad or an Android tablet.

News Corp. Gets Ready to Say Goodbye to Myspace

Myspace’s time with News Corp. is coming to an end. Then again, it’s been headed that way for quite some time–it’s just that News Corp. is now being that much more forthright about it.

AOL Officially Adds 5Min to Its Roster. Next?

iPad Apps Now Live on iTunes