Lowell McAdam

President and CEO
Verizon Wireless

Lowell McAdam is president and CEO of Verizon Wireless, the nation's second-largest wireless voice and data provider, and is chairman of the board of directors of CTIA, the wireless industry's trade association and lobbying group. An engineer by training, Mr. McAdam has been an outspoken defender of the wireless industry's practices, even when they have been criticized by the technology industry. However, he has recently launched an initiative to create a parallel "open" system at Verizon, which the company claims will allow any device and any application to operate on its network without interference from Verizon.

Posts With Lowell McAdam

Verizon Posts Big Loss, Adds Two Million Wireless Connections

The company activated nearly 10 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, as nearly 10 percent of the company’s retail subscribers upgraded their devices.

After Just Two Years, Nearly Half of Verizon’s Data Traffic Is on LTE

Up from 35 percent last October.
Lowell McAdam

iPhone Sales Spiking at Verizon

The Android-iPhone mix at Verizon appears to be moving closer to 50-50 equilibrium.

Verizon Won’t Talk About Its Talks to Build a Netflix-Style Service. But It Is Definitely Talking.

Because pretty much everyone is talking about building their own Web video service. But like pay TV competitor Dish Network, Verizon seems to be taking the idea seriously.


Verizon CEO Cautions Government on Blocking AT&T Deal

Lowell McAdam, who as chief executive of Verizon Communications Inc. oversees the country’s largest wireless carrier, has waded into the debate over whether AT&T Inc. should be allowed to buy competitor T-Mobile USA.

Verizon Posts Solid Earnings, Buoyed by 2.3 Million iPhone 4 Sales

Verizon said it expects to gain market share on the wireless side throughout 2011, and named Lowell McAdam as CEO, effective Aug. 1.
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Verizon Earnings Fall Short as Company Confirms $30 Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone

The carrier reports numbers that were just shy of what analysts were projecting, but talk quickly turned to the future–a future that finally includes the iPhone.

Verizon Gets the iPhone

We know this much: Today’s the day Verizon formally announces that it’s getting its hands on the iPhone. Everything else–pricing, technology, features, etc–is still an unknown. But we should resolve that soon, with the help of Verizon Wireless COO Lowell McAdam, and, most likely, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Verizon iPhone: What, AT&T Worry?

Another question to ponder on the eve of the iPhone’s debut on Verizon: Now that its archrival has the device on which it once had an exclusive, a device that has done so much for its bottom line, how will AT&T respond? Or, rather, how has it been responding?

Tired: Speculating About Verizon iPhone. Wired: Speculating About Verizon iPhone Sales.

Verizon Wireless will hold an event in New York tomorrow where, as we first reported here, it will announce the availability of Apple’s iPhone on its network. And when it does, it will halt once and for all the near-pathological Verizon iPhone speculation that preceded it. But only because those who speculated about the existence of a Verizon iPhone have been struck by a new monomania: Speculating about first-year Verizon iPhone sales numbers.

Windows Phone 7: It’s Now or Never

Verizon Taps McAdam as Second-in-Command