Five Key Features of Mavericks, Appleā€™s New OS for Macs

Upgrading your Mac to the Mavericks operating system? Here’s what you need to know.
Mavericks Desktop

The Laptops to Buy

There’s good news for laptop buyers, Walt says: The confusing changes in the sagging laptop industry have settled down enough that now may be the time to buy one.

Apple Issues Software Update for Spotty Wi-Fi on Some New MacBook Airs

So maybe it wasn’t your at-home router, after all.

Scattered Complaints Arise About Apple’s New MacBook Air and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Super-slim? Check. Long-lasting battery? Check. Connects to the InterWebs?…

Handicapping Apple’s WWDC Keynote

Apple’s long product silence ends Monday with its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.

Apple Products Appear Headed for Staples’ U.S. Shelves

Tweets from apparent Staples employees suggests that the office retailer will soon start carrying Apple products.
Staples Easy Button big-feature

Apple MacBook Pros With Retina Display Get Faster, Cheaper

Now you can get a MacBook Pro Retina for a (slightly) more affordable $1,499.

Fearless Leader

I was delighted to learn that he and I shared a taste in laptops: 15” Macbook Pro.

— Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s daughter Sophie accompanied him to North Korea. Here, she describes visiting the Palace of the Sun, the national mausoleum where Kim Jong-Il’s embalmed body lies in state alongside his cars, train compartment, platform shoes, and his laptop.

iTunes Gets an Upgrade Without Missing a Beat

The new iTunes 11 upgrade makes significant improvements to the world’s most popular computer program for buying and playing music and videos.

Making Sense of All the New Laptop Flavors

Walt’s annual fall buyer’s guide to choosing a new laptop amid all the confusing new choices.

Scent of a MacBook Pro

Replacing the Ribbon

Meet Mountain Lion: The Latest Mac OS

White MacBook, It Was Good Living With You