Practicing Safe BYOD: Is Your Data at Risk?

By 2017, half of employers will require employees to use their own devices for work.

U.S. Mac Sales Dip in June

“Macs are becoming a less and less meaningful piece of the Apple story.”

Apple Products Appear Headed for Staples’ U.S. Shelves

Tweets from apparent Staples employees suggests that the office retailer will soon start carrying Apple products.
Staples Easy Button big-feature

Seven Questions for Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net

Box.net’s CEO talks about the company’s new cloud-based data sharing service for enterprises and about the money he’s raising from the likes of Salesforce.com.

Second-Quarter Mac Sales Likely to Be Magical, Revolutionary

One more quick data point in advance of Apple’s second-quarter earnings report tomorrow: New estimates from the NPD Group show the company’s Mac business gathering considerable momentum.

Working With AirPrint

Walt answers readers’ questions on Apple’s AirPrint and a computer backup.

Counting Tablets, Apple Is Third in Global PC Sales

Stats on PC sales haven’t been including the iPad and other tablets, but research outfit Canalys says that’s old thinking and doesn’t accurately reflect Apple’s clout.

A Lot of iSales: Apple Sold 7.3 Million iPads, 16.2 Million iPhones in December Quarter

Apple’s quarterly sales included more than 4 million Macs and 16 million iPhones, along with 19.45 million iPods and 7.33 million iPads.

Google Goes To the Cloud For New Idea In PC System

Walt tests an early-stage version of Google’s Chrome OS for computers–an attempt to challenge the Microsoft-Apple duopoly. One drawback of the new operating system, due next summer, is having to give up familiar local programs and dwell in the cloud.

News Byte

The Outlook for Java on the Mac Perks Up

The future of Java development for the Mac OS, which was starting to look a little dicey recently, firmed up today with a new deal between Apple and Oracle. Under the agreement, Apple, which has always handled in-house development of the necessary virtual machine software for Java to run on Macs, will now turn those duties over to Oracle, starting with Java Standard Edition 7, and will contribute its Java work to OpenJDK, the open-source project under which Java is developed.

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